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  • Please help a single Mom whos' eldest daughter was killed this year change our Apartment.

    Hello Summer and to everyone! I love your show. I am a single Mom and well, in short, my oldest daughter was killed this February. I can tell you a lot more at a later time. It has been sickening to go in our home/apartment. I need to change this for my sake and my youngest daughter too, who is nine. I have always liked sexy, chabby chic but never knew how to begin and make a room come together. Now, I need to. I need your help badly and I am sure you are the professionals to do it. Your show is amazing! My email is If I am in the wrong place to ask about a show can some one let me know where to go? Thank You so much for reading. I hope to hear back from you soon.
  • Summer Baltzer is a designer's designer who should have her own show!

    Summer is a dynamic designer, effectively blending color and style in brilliant fashion. She brings a high level of personality with her by her vivacious attitude and her attractive looks.
    She knows the world of design, coming up with new and fresh presentations while sticking to the tried and true rules!