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    I primarily watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles because of Summer Glau. Her role as Cameron Phillips, a Cyborg, sent by John Connor, freedom fighter, of the future, to protect John Connor, teenage boy, in the present, is portrayed very convincingly. She is a machine learning to blend in with humans. Her character is given more on screen time in Episode 11, Aired Dec. 1, 2008, titled Self Made Man. We see how she has befriended a young man, confined to a wheelchair. He works nights at the Library, after it has closed and lets her come in to do her research. He doesn't seem to take notice, of her strange behaviour, only because he sees a beautiful girl. Her deadpan delivery, with an occasional smile worked in, is masterful. How she tells the young man his cancer has returned. It's important information meant to be helpful. Yet it causes the young man to become angry with her. Her expressions, having to mimic the non-human machine, are well done. I look forward to seeing her getting more screen time.

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    agreed, she is so amazing in the role.

    if she was revealed to be a cyborg in real life i could believe it just based on how good she plays the role... truly extraordinary.

    it's gotta be really difficult to play such a role the way she does... i could never do it in a million years.

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