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  • pretty and talented, a deadly combination

    things that i like about summer glau
    1. she is in one of my top three shows currently on TV, T:SCC.
    2. She was in my favorite show of all time: firefly.
    3. She likes sci-fi.
    4. She is musical--she dance-- and not only is she musical, she also incorporates her skill into the shows she is starring in, In firefly she danced in a hoedown style dance while Mal and Jane fought. In terminator she closed an episode by dancing a ballet to Chopin's Polonaise in C# minor---- a personal favorite piece of mine. And she uses her musicality to turn her fight scenes into a beautiful melee of violence and grace.
    5. I touched on this already when i mentioned her fight scenes, she fights regularily, which from a petite girl like summer, is incredible. I take pride in declaring that summer could most likely beat me up on any given day.
    6. Yes, she is gorgeous. 7. She isn't full of herself.
    8. She is chosen for difficult roles, cameron is a "scary robot" who is designed to be able to infiltrate and destroy, and yet, she seems to almost be able to feel, to have emotions. How summer can go into a scene knowing she needs to show emotion, and at the same time be incapable of having emotion, and portray this role so well, amazes me.
    9. I've run out, so i'll say this again, she's gorgeous.