Sundance Head

Sundance Head


1/22/1979, Porter, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Jason Head


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Jason 'Sundance' Head hails from Porter, Texas, USA. He is the son of famous country/ blue eyed-soul singer Roy Head. Sundance auditioned for "American Idol" at Memphis, TN, USA. He sang "Stormy Monday." Where he got very great reviews from all three of the judges. On March 8,…more


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    • Sundance (on seeing Jennifer Hudson be big when she did not even win "Idol"): I think anyone can have success after the show if they do it responsibly, respect the people that they meet along the way. You just have to be smart about what you do. 'American Idol's' whole thing is that they try to set success up for everyone that makes it onto the show. They've got the best team, the best professionals. They know the most about marketing. It's a wonderful group. It's the best in the world. I mean they could take anybody and make them into a star. There's no doubt. No doubt.

    • Sundance (on his comment about a job on the show and what kind of job he would like): I just want a job in the industry. I would like to be an artist but if that can't happen I'd just like to do whatever I can do. TV, comedy, whatever it is.
      Sabrina: He's a comedian.

    • Sundance (when asked if he would like to have learned sooner about being eliminated and the death of his uncle): Yeah, you are talking about being voted off, correct? I think that they did the right thing by not saying anything to me. I think that was the right thing to do.

    • Sundance (on what his thoughts were after being eliminated from "American Idol"): I still haven't taken the time to look back and reflect on anything. It's happening so fast. A bunch of events popped into my life. I'm just ready to go home, spend some time with my family, try to find where I belong I guess.

    • Sundance (on if he was shocked to be eliminated from "American Idol" after Sabrina mentioned they'd meet Diana Ross if they made it): Yeah, that was gonna be good.

    • Roy Head (father): He has already told me, 'I'm homesick, Dad!' He'd rather be in the woods than anywhere. He plays piano like Elton John, and he has the perfect name for an entertainer.

  • I think Sundance Head a rock and roll maniac! fabulous darling!

    I was watching American Idol one night and low and behold Sundance Head came on TV. I called my Daddy Tommy Hammond who recorded for radio in the 60's along side Roy Head Sundances dad. my family was sure he'd take home the gold!!!!! my mom said well he sure had a good teacher,,,, referring to Roy Head Sundances father. My dad was so proud for his friend that his son was carrying on in his dads foot steps.

    this New CD is going to blow everybody away.

    I'm so proud to be music biz cuzins lol and I believe that we will be seeing Sundance take home a lot of GOLD!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Sundance can I go to the Grammys with yall?


  • A good performer and singer.

    Jason 'Sundance' Head is a very talented singer and has teh range of a professional. He has a very soulful voice that can get him to do country music and rock music aswell. That is definitely to his advantage since he sounds really good doing other types of genres. He really deserves to be a big star. One thing about him is his lack of consistency, one minute you see him rocking the house and another you see him looking like the janitor singing with the earphones while mopping the floor. Like he said! Someone give him a real job!moreless