Sung Kang





4/8/1972 , Gainesville, Georgia

Birth Name

Sung Kang




Sung Kang originally grew up in a small town in Gainesville, Georgia where he mastered the true art of self defense (running for his life). Eventually he escaped to Southern California in hopes for a higher education and cultural stimulation. In his quest for an artistic outlet he found himself in uncomfortable dance thongs stumbling to a unfamiliar modern dance beat. Realizing dance was not his calling, fate was kind enough to step in and bring Sung to Sal Romeo, a humble lover of actors and the craft. For the the past seven years under the kind patience of Mr. Romeo, Sung has tried his best to tune his craft, realizing a life time may pass before he understands one damn thing about this thing we call ACTING. Sung Kang has made various guest star appearances on major network shows and will be seen in the upcoming blockbuster Pearl Harbor. Sung would like to thank all the current and future Asian American filmmakers and fellow artists in having the courage to allow projects like Better Luck Tommorow to be possible. Good luck to everyone on board and may we all become better friends through this project.