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Sunny was exposed to all kinds of exotic foods as a child, due in part to her family's extensive traveling while in the Army. During that time, her family encouraged her to try all sorts of new foods, which is what sparked Sunny's interest in cuisine. She has…more


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    • Sunny Anderson: (asked about who and what influenced her love of food) When it comes to the "who", I'd have to say like many food enthusiasts, the love of food started at a young age at home. Both of my parents were foodies before there was a term for it. The "what" is by virtue of my dad's career in the Army. We traveled so much and experienced food in several different regions and countries through out my youth. Therefore, that partnered with my natural curiosity to try new things has really influenced the kinds of foods I eat and prepare.

    • Sunny: (Advice for aspiring chefs) It's really just about being yourself and developing a point of view that feels natural. Also being determined and patient at the same time is something to think about as well.

    • Sunny: (talking about what kind of atmosphere she likes to have in the kitchen) I like to be alone with my thoughts. It's as if the kitchen is a meditation zone for me. I can be chopping and thinking about it intently and come up with a new recipe.

    • Sunny: (one of Sunny's main rules in the kitchen) Have fun and don't be so hard on yourself. Food isn't meant to be perfect. It's meant to be good.