Sunny Lane

Sunny Lane



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Holly Hodges



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Suny, Sunshine Lane, Sunny
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Sunny is an adult film actress and nude model. Before she entered adult film she was a professionally trained ice dancer, and an instructor in yoga and pilates. A car accident ended her dreams of competing in the Olympics as a figure skater. The effect of the crash…more


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    • Sunny Lane: (on being a double threat) Wow, that's really good! I like that! Well, I'm an entertainer at heart, it's all about entertaining and having a good time. If I'm enjoying myself, then that's the key. I want to cum every single time I do a scene. So I just do things that are enjoyable to me. I think about what the fans are looking at and what they would like and so forth, and I just put that into it. I just have a good time. I like getting messy. I like spit, I like sucking, I like spinning, getting spanked on my ass and my hair pulled. I think it's more interesting that way, if you get the hardcore sex with the acting. It brings it really close together, like you're saying.

    • Sunny Lane: (on long lines of autograph seekers) Yeah, there is! It's going all the way around the corner. I try to go and people are still coming up, people are bringing me gifts, and bringing me magazines to sign. All kinds of good things.

    • Sunny Lane:(about her butt) Oh, my booty! Yes, of course! My booty! My budunkadunk as K-Sex likes to call it. I won an award for it. That comes from skating. People say I have a sister booty and I say 'No! I have a skater's booty!'

    • Sunny Lane: Well, personally, I have a major fetish about watching guys masturbate.

    • Sunny Lane:(about her physical flexibility) Thank God for being an ice skater and yoga body instructor, knowing my body inside and out. And I think that with the gonzo and the feature stuff too, knowing my body inside and out, I don't have to think about certain things to do like where the camera is and so forth. I really just let myself get into it and have fun. That's what I did with Casting Couch with Manuel. He made me squirt in there and everything. He was getting mad in there, though. I was like, 'Just let me cum! Let me cum!'

    • Sunny Lane:(on life after rehabilitating her foot)I also opened up my own business when I was 18, teaching yoga and pilates at the ice skating ring," she added. "So I've always been athletic. I've always been taking care of my body. And I wanted to do something that was still entertainment that's thrill-seeking. As a skater and taking that ice when I'm by myself you got to have strength, courage, confidence and endurance.

    • Sunny Lane: (on becoming a dancer after having a foot injury)I look at it like this, I've been an athlete- I'm a tough woman and nothing's going to get me down. They told me I would never skate again. I got back out there and I skated again. Then the foot surgery-thing happened. I said okay I'm tough, again. I'm going to go, start dancing and be an exotic dancer.

    • Sunny Lane: (on what people should know about her)I'm just an all-natural girl-next-door who has gone hard-core. I'm real, you know? I just have a good time. I know what I like, I know what I don't like. I do the scenes that get me off, I don't do the scenes that don't get me off because it's not about the money. It's about the entertainment and making people happy. This year, I only did 38 films, and 18 of them were nominated, so I'm really happy about that. I pick and choose what I want to do. I'm with a new agency, Lighthouse Talent Agency, for Seymour Butts. And that's awesome, they take care of me. And I just like to have fun! I'm high on life.

    • Sunny Lane: (on enjoying her work) Oooooh, that's hot! That's hot! Like I said, if I'm enjoying it, I want them to enjoy it. Because I think about those kinds of things. Even when I'm shooting, I'm like, 'Oooh, maybe this pose would look good,' or 'this position is super-awesome, it's so different, it will blow their minds.' I want to blow the fans' minds when they're watching my movies.

    • Sunny Lane: (about her website) Oooh, it's awesome because it's live and in action. It's going behind the velvet ropes with me, because I have my own little camera now. And I'm checking it out, seeing what's going on, which is so cool. I'm also doing Internet live chat. So I figured, since it's all about fans, I'd bring them in on a one-on-one basis like that, so they can be more interactive. And we have MySpace and all different things, but I think on there they can have me on their TV screen, they can even contact me back. They can have their own camera and I can see them as well. It's a little bit more money of course, but you know how that is.

    • Sunny Lane:(on recent gift)Which was really cool! And the latest gift I got, which was for Christmas, was from a secret admirer, and it was a charm bracelet from Zales. It had an ice skate on it, an S for Sunny, a money sign, a lucky charm, a ballerina because evidently he knows I'm a spinner.

    • Sunny Lane: (on different reactions from fans) It is now, because they watch me, they know more about me. They're not just like, 'Hi, can I just get your autograph?' Now they're telling me what scenes they like, or the best movie, or what outfits. Their likes are important to me, and I want to hear that too because that tells me what they do like or what they don't like. Because that's what it's all about, the fans. We want to get it out there. They feel my energy, and me having so much fun, I want them to have fun as well.

    • Sunny Lane:(Sunny talking about her supportive parents) This is my choice to be out here and build the career I want. I used to be a professional ice skater and yoga pilates instructor, so they always supported me through that for many years. So we look at this as another form of entertainment, cause that is what it is, it has a lot of the same principals as skating. I'm having fun. Enjoying life. My parents say: We love you. Keep doing what you are doing.