Sunrise Adams

Sunrise Adams


9/14/1982, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Birth Name

Carrie Huggins



Also Known As

Sunrise, Sunrise Thomas
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Sunrise Adams is an adult film star and has appeared on such productions as Jay Leno, The O'Reilly Factor, and The Man Show.


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    • Sunrise Adams: (On launching her website) This is the first time I've had a website, and yes, I got the dot-com address,... ...I want to do something with my fans that you don't see other girls doing – I'm going to be a big part of the site myself. It's me, my boyfriend and another friend of ours running it, so we're keeping it very close-knit. I'm going to be shooting fetish content for the site myself. My fans can request special films made by me, they can buy any of the lingerie they see me wearing in my movies. I'll have a live chat with a web-cam. I want the fans to really get a feel for who I am.

    • Sunrise Adams: (On why she left the adult film business) The reason for my leaving is that I was at a point where I wanted to see what else I could do with my life,... ...I was in a relationship at the time with someone who told me I needed to be a normal person. Obviously, I'm not a normal person either way. I quit and moved back to Texas to be closer to my family; during that time, I became a loan officer and worked in real estate for two years. I proved I was smart enough to do it, teaching myself at home and passing my test for the first time in California, Miami and Texas. I really enjoyed it, but sitting behind a desk and worrying about everybody else's problems was a lot for a young person to deal with...I was tired of the stress and worrying about everybody else's problems. I missed the old me.

    • Sunrise Adams: (On her return to the adult film business after a three year absence) I miss all the friends that I made and can't wait to get back into full swing making movies, feeling the excitement and meeting the new Vivid girls,... ...Believe it or not, I found there was a lot of stress in the real estate business. Buying a house is usually the biggest purchase in someone's life, and as an agent, you absorb too much of the pressure. I want to go back to having fun.

    • Sunrise Adams: (On what she is looking for in her love life) I'm a sorry romantic that believes there is that one true person out there that is meant for me !!! I want that ultimate love!!! One based on trust and laughter!!! I want to
      find someone that loves to travel, loves to cut loose and act crazy, but knows when to relax, curl up and whisper sweet nothings. The perfect open minded lover, but faithful to the end. Someone that's as into and as dedicated to me as I him...someone that can handle my wild side, and loves to wrestle and play around. Someone that enjoys to hang out with friends, and my dogs! :-) Someone that wants something out of life and doesn't let the small things bother him, someone that never forgets the little things!!! Someone that turns me on mentally, physically, and emotionally. Someone who loves and wants me for me!