Sunset Thomas

Sunset Thomas


2/19/1972, Sikeston, Missouri, United States

Birth Name

Diane Fowler



Also Known As

Sunset, E. Thomas
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Sunset Thomas was born in Sikeston, Missouri as Diane Fowler to a family with eleven siblings. She moved around a lot which exposed her to different places and made it hard for her to have long-term friendships. When Sunset turned seventeen she was swept off her feet by…more


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    • Sunset Thomas: My real father didn't want to have anything to do with me. That hurt.

    • Sunset Thomas:
      Making someone's day, making someone feel good about themselves, and feeling good about yourself physically is as important as any other self assuredness. I guess because I was a homely, non-popular type as a youth that I've never lost the connection with that feeling of being disrespected and passed over and not important.

      So if I can do anything that is uplifting, no pun intended, and do anything to make someone feel good and have some self respect, then I'm all in.

    • Sunset Thomas: There's an Italian saying -Friendship, like macaroni, is best served warm!- I believe friendship is the core to any happy life. Lots of people figure, because of what I do, that friendships and relationships are all about sex and money and bullshit, but that's not true. Perhaps, I value honesty and loyalty more than most because of what I do.

    • Sunset: When you get into the business, you get treated really good. You get pampered. People treat you like a princess. I started letting it get to me. I get a lesson from a friend who took me on a long drive to downtown LA and showed me all the bums on the street. It made me realize where I came from, because I'm very poor. And then he played a tape of me talking to someone on the phone. And said, 'Ohmigod, who is that? She sounds like such a bitch.' And he said, 'That's you.' I thought, 'I don't like this person. It's not the person I want to be.' My friend gave me a wake-up call.

      If it wasn't for your fans, you wouldn't be who you are. My fans are number one.

    • Sunset: One step at a time. I'm not rushing. I just live day by day.

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