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  • The wonderful voice of wonderful Wanda

    Although I liked Susan\'s earlier version of Wanda (from The Fairly Oddparents) best - she seemed more playful and light-hearted - I still admire the voice work she does for the character. As the show has gone into creative decline and the other characters, particularly Cosmo, have been made out to be less and less likeable, Wanda has remained goodhearted, smart, and resourceful. She\'s practically the only good female character Nickelodeon has. It\'s a pity that because of her good qualities she\'s consistently insulted and put down (I hate those stupid \"nag\" jokes) and that\'s something I think the writers of the show are to blame for and should be ashamed of. But all in all I still love Wanda. She\'s a real heroine! Thanks, Susan, for your great work in bringing a positive character to life!