Susan Egan

Susan Egan


2/18/1970, Seal Beach, California, USA

Birth Name

Susan Farrell Egan


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Susan Egan has traversed all four corners of the entertainment industry, making powerful impressions in theatre, film, television and music. Egan won critical acclaim on Broadway as 'Sally Bowles' in "Cabaret," in "Triumph of Love" and "State Fair," and most notably, as the original 'Belle' in Disney's "Beauty…more


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  • Great Voice

    I loved Susan Egan in Spirited Away and Hercules, she really put some personality into her characters. Her voice is amazing too, it's kind of sarcastic and deepish, but lovely at the same time. Also, check out her albums,her singing voice is great.

    Over all I think she's a pretty talented woman who manages to stay low key at the same time.
  • From anime to Broadway, Susan Egan is one of the best voice actors of our day.

    I first heard Susan Egan in Disney's animated Hercules. Of course, I was rather young at the time, and not at all interested in voice actors. The second time I heard Susan Egan was in the American dub of Spirited Away, where she played Lin. Her voice was so familiar, I immediately got online to find out where I had heard her. I was first under the impression it was Megan Hollingshed, so I was rather surprised. (My voice actor identification skills have since improved, though you have to admit, they sound very much alike) I heard her again in Porco Rosso, where she played Gina. Again, she was absolutely brilliant. I love her voice acting; she can go from angry to happy to worried in the same sentence, and really brings life to her characters. I would love to see her in more anime, but I don't think that's very likely.moreless