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  • From anime to Broadway, Susan Egan is one of the best voice actors of our day.

    I first heard Susan Egan in Disney's animated Hercules. Of course, I was rather young at the time, and not at all interested in voice actors. The second time I heard Susan Egan was in the American dub of Spirited Away, where she played Lin. Her voice was so familiar, I immediately got online to find out where I had heard her. I was first under the impression it was Megan Hollingshed, so I was rather surprised. (My voice actor identification skills have since improved, though you have to admit, they sound very much alike) I heard her again in Porco Rosso, where she played Gina. Again, she was absolutely brilliant. I love her voice acting; she can go from angry to happy to worried in the same sentence, and really brings life to her characters. I would love to see her in more anime, but I don't think that's very likely.