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Susan Eisenberg

Susan Eisenberg

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Susan Eisenberg is a voice actress known for doing work for both cartoons, such as Jackie Chan Adventures, and video games, Ashelin (Jak II) and Taryn (Daxter). Her breakout role was that of Wonder Woman, AKA: Princess Diana, on Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.


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  • She did a great job as Wounder Woman on Justice League.

    Susan did a great job as Wonder Woman on Justice League. Justice League has always been one of my favorite shows on Cartoon Network; I was really disappointed when it was cancled, but it still comes on Boomerang. She also maintained a reacurring role on Jackie Chan Adventures as Viper. I really like her voice it has a nice sounding ring to it but at the same time can be strong and powerful. My only problem with her is that I feel as if she is underused. I really wish that Susan would be in another show because I really enjoy her work and hope to hear her voice in some new shows.moreless