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Susan Gibney


Manhattan Beach, California, USA

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Susan Gibney is a graduate of Buffalo State College (Buffalo, NY), having majored in theater. Further, according to the press kit for the film "Besotted," she received an M.F.A. from the Yale School of Drama.

Susan's stage credits include:

* performing Off-Broadway in her own one-woman…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Susan has 7 siblings. She is the third youngest.

    • She has lived in California since 1996.

    • In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Susan played 'Dr. Leah Brahms' in two episodes. 'Dr. Brahms' was one of the original designers of the Enterprise. Susan appeared as a holographic character in the first episode, then a real person in the second.

    • Susan was born in Manhattan Beach, CA, but moved to New York at a young age.

    • Susan Gibney now has two children.

    • In order to help pay for college, Susan worked as a chauffeur in New York for 18 months.

    • Susan Gibney has appeared in Diagnosis Murder as three different characters, 'Genevieve Ducasse,' 'Tanis Archer,' and 'Maya.'

    • Susan Gibney's pregnancy was written into the plot of Crossing Jordan. She appeared in the episode 'What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston' about seven months pregnant. Susan's character, 'Renee Walcott' told 'Garret Macy' that her ex-husband was the father of her child. In a previous episode, 'Renee' mentioned that they had divorced her because he wanted children and she couldn't give them to him.

  • Quotes

  • Susan Gibney gives her best and now she will share it to you in her fansite.

    Susan Gibney was born in Manhattan Beach, California, Gibney moved to New York at a young age. She attended Buffalo State College for two years and eventually earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Yale School of Drama. Living in New York after school, she appeared in several off-Broadway productions. After working in Los Angeles for three years, Gibney returned to New York to refresh her theatre roots. She landed a permanent place in Hollywood in 1996. If you want to know more about Susan Gibney and to know her latest projects and life you can visit her fansite at http://susangibney.commoreless