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  • The Last Chance

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 26 - 3/2/97

    A large quake prompts the commander to call for an evacuation of all ORCA personnel under the age of 18. Dr. Hellegren is putting the Synchronium together when Kal demands that he be made the ruler of Neri's island as he was promised, Hellegren again brushes off Kal and has him escorted back to his room. Anxious to get the Synchronium back from Dr. Hellegren, Neri goes to get Jason. He is out on a dive mission with Sallyanne, and when Neri surfaces Sallyanne is there to see her. Angry about the way he is being treated by Dr. Hellegren, Kal attempts to steal a piece of the Synchronium, he is quickly caught by UBRI guards and taken back to his room. Back on ORCA, Sallyanne is introduced to Neri and Mera and plans are made to recover the Synchronium. Getting away during the confusion surrounding the evacuation, the kids are able to make it to UBRI's pier on the mainland. However, they are soon spotted by Kellar and are left tied (Dr. Hellegren taking Lena with him) up as the UBRI vessel heads out to sea. Kal escapes from UBRI and arriving at the pier, he unties the others. As Dr. Hellegren prepares to activate the Synchronium, Neri and Mera surface and plead with him not to proceed, even offering themselves for his to study if he stops. With her father preparing to unleash the power of the activated Synchronium, Lena jumps into the now seething and churning ocean to force him to stop or risk killing her as well. As Hellegren hesitates unsure what to do, Kellar pushes him aside to lower the Synchronium into the ocean. Just before it impacts, Kal surfaces and grabs the Synchronium and with Neri and Mera take it back to the island as a dejected Dr. Hellegren must admit defeat. Back in the safety of the island, Neri and Mera activate the Synchronium reversing the damage done to the Earth's oceans. Neri and Mera make a final trip to ORCA where Dianne and Winston are told about the Synchronium. After saying their goodbye's, the girls return to the island where Kal and Mera board a spaceship which lifts off taking them back to the Ocean Planet.moreless
  • The Stone Fish

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 24 - 2/16/97

    The growing frequency of the seismic tremors causes Commander Wellington to call for voluntary evacuations of ORCA personnel. Cass tells Morgan to "drop dead" when Morgan gets after Jason for wanting to skip a survey dive. Jason's dive with Morgan ends abruptly when Morgan is stung by a stonefish, requiring her to be rushed back to ORCA. Cass feels guilty for what she said to her sister earlier. Sallyanne tries to talk to Jason about how she feels about him but he dismisses her to join his friends who are preparing to intercept the Synchronium transfer from Mr. Lee to Dr. Hellegren. Brett stows away on the UBRI vessel and when the are out at sea, he disables the craft and steals the Synchronium piece. Brett jumps overboard where Neri and Mera are waiting just as the Coast Guard arrives to board the UBRI vessel-Benny faxed them to tell them about UBRI's involvement with Opal smuggling. Having losing another piece of the Synchronium, Dr. Hellegren tells Kal that his most important job now is to locate where the Neri is hiding the Synchronium pieces.moreless
  • Lena's Betrayal

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 13 - 12/1/96

    Neri receives a message from Mera in a dream warning her that time is running out. Neri goes to ORCA where she warns Dianne that UBRI's development must be stopped. Kellar tells Hellegren of her suspicions about Lena, but he won't listen to her and tells her to not to question his daughter. Jason is forced to tell Lena all about Neri and their search for the Synchronium. Dr. Hellegren orders the construction of ORCA City to be sped up by increasing the yield of the explosives. Cass is sent to a psychiatrist to help her understand her dreams, what she remembers however is quickly reported back to Dr. Hellegren who observes her next session. Cass returns to ORCA with a restored memory and demands to know the truth. She is taken to meet Neri and promises to keep her a secret and aid in the search for the Synchronium. With evidence of his daughters actions, Dr. Hellegren confronts Lena, she admits what she's been doing and leaves home after he says she is no longer his daughter. Kal experiences fear when Neri is threatened by a large underwater explosion. Winston believes the continuous explosions may threaten the stability of a nearby fault line and cause earthquakes.moreless
  • The Helicopter Exam

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 12 - 11/24/96

    Neri continues to teach Kal about feelings. Cass is still having her dreams about her time on Neri's island and now remembers Brett being there. Lena overhears her father and Kellar talking about their plans for creating a news bulletin to lure some of the kids from ORCA to an island to find out exactly what they know about the alien device. Jason is uneasy about his helicopter flight test and is unable take the controls. Kal searches the spaceship for a gift left to him by his parents. Benny and Brett arrive and find him playing a strange musical instrument and crying, Brett explains to Kal why people cry. Seeing the news bulletin created by UBRI, Brett and Neri head off to the remote island looking what they believe to be another piece of the Synchronium. Lena arrives on ORCA to warn the Bates brothers about the trap but she is too late to stop Brett, she does find Jason and warn him. Needing to get to Brett and Neri quickly, Jason goes on another helicopter test with Morgan and diverts to the island to warn Brett and Neri. Upset by his failed plan, Dr. Hellegren suspects a leak in the UBRI chain of command but it is Kellar who learns who tipped off their plan.moreless
  • Cassandra's Nightmare

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 11 - 11/17/96

    A trip to ORCA prompts a discussion between Neri and Kal about feelings. Cass is beginning to remember about her time on Neri's island in her dreams. Brett takes Benny to the island to see Neri and Kal and Jason arrives soon after having discovered the location of another piece of Synchronium deep in the ocean. Neri is anxious to retrieve it and sets out by herself. The boat taking Brett and Benny back to ORCA breaks down, and with strict instructions not to go to ORCA, Kal abandons them in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, Charlie alerts Neri, who was unsuccessful in her attempt at retrieving the Synchronium, and she comes to their rescue. Back on ORCA Brett is hassled by Moose, a bully who demands his new satellite navigation unit. With Jason and Brett assisting her, Neri retrieves the Synchronium from the ocean depths just moments before UBRI arrives on the scene. Brett is again confronted by Moose but Kal, acting on the lesson he received on loyalty after abandoning Brett and Benny, defends Brett against Moose and his cohorts.moreless
  • Extraterrestial Abilities

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 8 - 9/21/96

    Neri awakes on the island to find Kal missing, he's gone to ORCA. Jason and Brett introduce Kal to Diane and Winston. Shortly after, Neri arrives and tells Diane about UBRI's plans to use explosives on the ocean floor in their construction. Diane is not happy and takes the issue before the tribunal but unfortunately they rule in favour of UBRI and allow the blasting to proceed. Jason and Brett begin searching HELEN for reports of UFOs and meteorite impacts that may help them locate the Synchronium pieces. Neri senses something wrong with the oceans but cannot be more specific. Successful in their search, Jason, Brett, and Neri venture inland to retrieve the first piece of Synchronium. Lena accesses her father's locked computer files. Kal beats Benny, the youth champion, in a game of trigammono.moreless
  • Amnesia

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 2 - 8/10/96

    Brett talks Jason and Neri into looking for a way into the spacecraft they found buried on Neri's island their search is unsuccessful.

    Brett and Benny meet Cassandra, a new arrival from ORCA's sister station near Florida. Cass takes out a sailboat, but with a storm coming and a damaged sail, she seeks shelter on Neri's island.

    The following day Neri finds an entrance to the spaceship that was uncovered by the storm. When Jason and Brett come to the island, Cass sees them with Neri before fixing the sail on her boat and heading back to ORCA.

    Distracted by the sight of Neri in the water ahead of her, Cass is struck by the boat's boom and is knocked unconscious. Back on ORCA an anxious Jason and Brett discover Cass has amnesia and cannot remember what happened to her.

    Jason tells Brett to become friends with Cass to keep her from telling about Neri if she gets her memory back.

    Dr. Hellegren goes to visit his daughter at her boarding school, she pleads with him to be allowed to spend her vacation at home.moreless