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    • Susan: ... there's no better part than a nasty person. After Fleur, I played a whole series of them: Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, was in her own way a monster, Becky Sharp was also a monster, and in the theatre I've played a lot of monsters, but for some reason people only ever remember me playing these sweet simpering girls who wouldn't say boo to a goose. It must be something about my personality which is deceiving people!

    • Susan: I went to do a fete the other day and all the under tens called me Molly (from "Monarch of the Glen"). And sometimes children call me 'Susan Hamster' which I love - it's so sweet isn't it?

    • Susan: I can't think it's satisfying for a woman to be a ballbreaker, and it must be dreadful for the man.

    • Susan: Colour TV was incredible. You would turn it on just to look at a tree. It was so exciting to see it not in black and white.

    • Susan: The Barchester Chronicles I just thought was exquisitely cast, acted and directed and I was very proud to be involved in it. In fact, I've enjoyed all the television series I've done for the BBC anyway. I haven't done any for any other stations!

    • Susan: The Forsyte Saga really swept the country as eventually it swept the entire world. It was a huge success in Russia as it was everywhere else. They changed the times of church services and there were things about The Forsyte Saga all the time. All I know is that we all had our careers catapulted into great prominence and those in the series who were already big stars received a great boost.

    • Susan: Most of my work was with Eric Porter and Martin Jarvis, whom I not only admired but had a very, very good working relationship with indeed. It was a great joy, a great, great pleasure and I just wish certain other parts of my working life had been so joyful. I had hardly anything to do with Nyree Dawn Porter and Kenneth More, just two tiny scenes...

    • Susan: I started off my work in theatre, in repertory in Bognor Regis, then I went to Oxford Playhouse. After that I may have gone straight to the Art Theatre, then I probably did a musical called Expresso Bongo with Paul Schofield. After that I don't know. What I did was one of those very important television plays. When that was shown I was whisked off to America pretty well three days later, then I came back to do Andromeda.