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  • Sue is plain mean but immature

    Sure Sue in Borneo made it far, but she let Kelly have it. Wrath and anger motion got to her and that's probably why Kelly couldn't win. Sue was a bit immature, but I do defend her in telling Kelly that she trusted Colleen more than her. It's true. However in All-Stars she really lashed out a lot quitting the game making the tribes even. I don't blame her either. Richard Hatch did cross the line with her touching her sexually at that balance challenge. She left and wow, that was anger and wrath. I don't blame her and I do feel sorry.
  • Ruthless and downright mean!

    I have never, ever, liked Sue at all as she was mean, ruthless, and just a pig. I got other words to say about her but I will spare everybody the language. But the one moment in the sun for her in all time tv reality show history was the snakes and the rat speech she gave to Richard and Kelly on the original Survivor. That will be forever memorable.
  • What an annoying person.

    Sue Hawk is a very annoying person. She has an annoying voice that is like nails on a black board. She was on Survivor twice and I cannot for the life of me understand why she was not voted off first.

    One thing that has always struck me as the most prominent feature of Sue Hawk (who apparently wants to be called “Susan” now) is the fact that she is annoying. Perhaps if she were to go back to wherever she came from, and promise to never appear on TV or any other medium that could carry her voice or likeness, I would not be annoyed. But she continues to milk her merger popularity, and I find it annoying.