Susan Olsen

Susan Olsen


8/14/1961, Santa Monica, California, USA

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Susan Marie Olsen


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Susan Olsen is best known as Cindy Brady in the 1969 tv show The Brady Bunch. Her character was much like herself. They both had a lisp and overcame it. After the show ended, Susan became a graphic designer. She has appeared in the Brady Bunch reunions shows.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Although Susan enjoyed working on The Brady Bunch, she has said that she didn't like how Cindy was so underdeveloped as the show progressed. Even in the later seasons, she was still wearing pigtails and had the exaggerated lisp, and Susan wishes that the writers would have allowed her character to move past the cute little girl image.

    • Susan's Brady Bunch co-star Maureen McCormick wrote her own autobiography in 2008. In it, McCormick claimed that the first kids on the set to be linked romantically were young Susan and Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady) during the filming of the first season! According to McCormick, Susan and Mike--8 and 9 years old at the time, respectively--made out in the doghouse on the set and had a pretend wedding, officiated by McCormick herself.

    • In the late '70s, Susan did a commercial for England's answer to the Barbie doll, called Sindy.

    • At age five, Susan was chosen to sing the Monkees tune "I'm A Believer" on The Pat Boone Show.

    • Susan works on an LA radio show called "Ober and Olsen" with Ken Ober.

    • Susan is the sister of actor Christopher Olsen.

    • Susan's favorite vacation on The Brady Bunch was Hawaii.

    • Susan says that Florence Henderson was one of the nicest people to work with on the set of The Brady Bunch.

    • Professionally, Susan says she is most proud of her work on the radio.

    • Susan thinks the cutest Brady kid was Robbie Rist, who played Oliver on the show.

    • Susan was not in The Brady Bunch TV movie, A Very Brady Christmas, because of money. They contractually only needed five out of the six kids, but they had all of them, so they were over budget. They decided that Susan would have been the one to get paid less, so she opted out of being in this movie.

    • Susan says that her only regret about being Cindy Brady on The Brady Bunch was not getting paid more.

    • Susan says if she could live anywhere in the world, she'd like to live in New Zealand.

    • Susan's nickname is "Fluff."

    • Susan's favorite restaurant to be Taco Bell.

    • Susan gave birth to her son at the same hospital where she was born, in Santa Monica, California

    • Susan has two cats and one dog.

    • Susan says that in real life, she didn't overcome her trademark "Cindy Brady" lisp until she was about 19 years old.

    • Susan and The Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz have both said in previous interviews that Susan was cast immediately as Cindy Brady. According to Schwartz, Susan was so sweet, funny, and honest, and she had blonde hair, so she was perfect for the part. Susan has joked that because of her lisp, which caused her to spit all over the place, she came across as the type of child that Cindy was.

    • During the filming of The Brady Bunch, Susan and co-star Mike Lookinland, who played Bobby Brady, would have sleepovers on the weekends at her house and play with her huge family of animals.

    • Susan had to bleach her hair with Miss Clairol Flaxen Blond, to get the look that the producers wanted for Cindy Brady.

    • Susan was ranked as number thirty four in VH1's list of the "100 Greatest Kid Stars."

    • In 2004, Susan's son, Michael, was diagnosed with a mild form of autism.

    • In 1998, while on her honeymoon in Jamaica, Susan missed the filming of A Very Brady Christmas.

    • Susan named her son Michael, after her fellow Brady Bunch co-star Mike Lookinland (Bobby).

    • Susan had surgery to correct the lisp.

    • Susan is the spokeswoman for the Migraine Awareness Month.

    • Susan was a graphic designer for 10 years.

    • Susan was trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

    • Susan has been married twice.

    • Susan is 5'3" tall.

    • Susan graduated from William Howard Taft high school in Woodland Hills, California. Brady Bunch co-star Maureen McCormick also graduated from the same high school.

    • Susan really had a lisp, like her character, Cindy Brady had in The Brady Bunch.

    • Susan's first role was in a fabric softener commercial.

  • Quotes

    • Susan: (when asked if she ever wished she were Cindy Brady) Nope, never. I've always loved my family and my life far more. That's pretty lucky considering how many kids wished they had grown up in the Brady household. Not me, I liked my household way better. We were weirder. Besides, we had more pets, the Bradys got rid of Tiger without so much as an explanation!

    • Susan: (when asked if she prefers working on TV or the radio) Radio, I don't have to diet or brush my hair. Actually, radio because I'm not playing a character. I can be myself. After growing up with people assuming I was Cindy I guess this became a big deal to me. There are no scripts so nobody's putting words into my mouth. I can make it up as I go along. I like the freedom and the challenge. I also like eating like a pig and neglecting personal hygiene.

    • Susan: (when asked which child star she'd trade places with) As far as life goes, nobody. As far as finances go, I wanna be an Olsen twin!

    • Susan: I loved it, but it definitely was a job. I had wanted to be a regular character on a series for a while. The Brady Bunch was an answer to a prayer. My Gram said that I would get the role in whichever show God thought was right but it wouldn't hurt to express a preference. I told her that I would like to do The Brady Bunch because I'd have five other kids on the set to play with. God was listening. After a while, doing the show was very much like having a second family. We got so close, particularly me and Eve [Plumb, who played Jan]. We e-mail each other a lot.

    • Susan: In a way I guess I'd be a bad judge of what it was like because it just seemed perfectly normal to me.

    • Susan Olsen: I promise that if someone offers me a job doing something for children, I'll do it! But until then, stick to reruns of the Brady Bunch.

    • Susan Olsen: I would rather be at Reggae Sunsplash, which happens once a year, than doing some horrible Brady Bunch reunion.