Susan Powter

Susan Powter


12/12/1957, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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    • 2003 was an eventful year for Powter: she released the book 'The Politics of Stupid' and the DVD 'Trailer Park Yoga.' Powter also went public with the fact that she is a lesbian.

    • In the 1990s, Susan starred in the popular infomercial 'Stop the Insanity!' Powter advised women on the habits of low-fat eating and efficient exercise.

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    • (On the subject of the breakup with her first husband)

      Susan Powter: I ate, and I cried, and I planned his death.

  • Controversial but compelling fitness expert, who introduced herself to the world with 'Stop the Insanity' and is still going strong today.

    After a long bout with obesity, Susan Powter discovered her own routine of aerobic exercise and low-fat eating which enabled her to drop dozens of pounds. She opened a studio in Texas, continued working despite personal setbacks and eventually broke into the television scene with the unforgettable infomercial for her training regimen, 'Stop the Insanity.'

    With her spiky hair and relentless energy, Susan is a law unto herself. She devised a process that urges learners to 'eat, breathe and move,' instead of starving on a diet, and was one of the first to advocate adjusting the pace and pace or weight settings of fitness assignments, in order to allow people of all endurance levels to get started and keep up. She has produced many books and videos to teach new aspects of the plan as well. These can be surprisingly easy and fun to follow.

    Her newest release is 'The Politics of Stupid,' a head-on challenge to the food industry and the difficulties of popular fitness methods.

    Powter is still funny, confrontational and very, very different from any other workout guru out there.moreless