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Susan Roman

Susan Roman


4/17/1957, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Susan is a voice actress. Her best known role was as a sailor scout named Lita, also known as Sailor Jupiter, on the anime Sailor Moon.


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  • She's the greatest voice acteress ever.

    Well she's an cool voice actor.Well in some voices.I mean in Sailor Moon she was cool voicing as Lita.However the one thing I thought she did an great job is in the Care Bears Series.She voice as Champ Bear.She was an great acteress there.Even though need some work.But still it was great.I do wished that she was voicing as Champ Bear in the CGI verison movie.However if you are listening to Good Luck Bear in the CGI Movies.If you remembered what Champ Bear voice sounds liked.Than you will noticed it sounds similar to Champ Bear from the Nevana series.moreless
  • One of my all time favourites!!!

    I have always luved her work in sailor moon, but i really became a hoge fan when (a few years ago) i heard her in beyblade as oliver!!! now oliver is one of my all time favourite characters form any show EVER!!! all my fanfics revolve around the little lepracorn!!! luv 'im!!!!

    I thought id give her a review considering the only review here for her is a negative one, and i felt bad!!! so heres one that is very true to her talents!!!!

    Ill tell you what i thinks funny for beyblade fans.

    In school we wacthed the movie MacBeth which was directed by Roman Polanski.... why is that funny u ask? well Susan ROMAN does the voice of Oliver POLANSKI!!!! i couldnt stop laughing..... newho hes directed the new oliver twist if that helps!!! its not like ne one is ever going to read my useless babbling so!!!

    So long!!!moreless