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    • Susan Sullivan: (on why she became an actress) As a little girl, 5 years old, I was in a Brownie show. It was one of those seminal moments for me. I came from a very chaotic, dysfunctional, alcoholic-father background that a lot of artists come out of, and to construct order I'd do little plays, because there was form and shape to my acting in them. So I wiggled, I winked at the mothers, and recently I remembered a moment I hadn't thought of in 30 years. I mean, I'm a narcissist, as all actors are to varying degrees on the pendulum, and when I did that little Brownie show, I remember this little girl pointing, saying, 'There she is, there's the showoff.' Sometimes these things come up on you and you don't know how they fit together. Here I am doing Buffalo Gal and this memory has come up. As I learn this role, I think I understand the reason for it.