Susan Tyrrell





3/18/1945 , San Francisco, California

Birth Name

Susan Tyrrell




Susan Tyrrell is an interesting character on as well as off the silver screen. While she is best known for her Academy Award-nominated performance as Oma in Fat City, she has played countless roles as vulgar, salty-tounged whores, maniacs, and weirdos in a myriad of underground films. Although she got her start with a leg up from her father (a former agent with William Morris) she quickly developed a talent for dark humor and the expression of the deepest and darkest of the human psyche. Her performances in Ordinary Madness, Forbidden Zone and Cry-Baby have won her a spot in the hearts of many. Even though she tragically lost her legs to a rare and horrible disease that caused severe blood clotting in the year 2000, she continued to appear in films. Her stellar performance as Ella the Fortune Teller in Masked and Anonymous and the High Priestess in The Devil's Due at Midnight only proved that she is still as sharp as ever.