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  • Trivia

    • She got the role of the Borg Queen on Star Trek: Voyager because Alice Krige (who played the role in the movie Star Trek: First Contact) refused to reprise her role.

    • She has acted alongside Mark Harmon in two shows so far: 'Chicago Hope' and 'NCIS'.

    • She was in the 1994 film 'When a Man loves a Woman' which starred Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan. She played Janet. She was also in the 2005 film 'Hello' which also starred Eric Stoltz.

    • She was in 'Little Giants' with Courtney Peldon in 1994.

    • She played Denise Hydecker in the made for TV movie 'The Lake' in 1998, which also starred Yasmine Bleeth.

    • When she appeared on 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine', for the episode 'Rejoined' on 30th October 1995, she participated in one of television's first same-sex kisses.

    • Her first appearance on TV was in 1992 on 'A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story', where she played a receptionist.

  • Quotes

    • Susanna Thompson: (about Don Bellisario's writing) It's very smart writing. He's brilliant that way, because you need to give these people a backstory. You need to have a history. You need to help them to show up as real people. And that's how the writers and the creators can help the actors do that.

    • Susanna Thompson: (about working with a parrot on 'Dragonfly') The only way I could work with the animals was to embrace 'Emily's' love of animals, and go there because I'm very unsure of animals. I was not raised with animals. As long as I felt her heart with me, then I was fine with it.

    • Susanna Thompson: (about being the Borg Queen on 'Star Trek') I do realize that. Next Generation was one of my husband's favorite shows when it was first on, for its stories and caliber of acting. When I got a small part on Star Trek: The Next Generation, I could go home and just say, "Here's your gift. I did it, now leave me alone." But it unfolded into another Next Generation appearance, and into a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and then into Voyager. I had no idea it would be the first step on a path into Star Trek history.

    • Susanna Thompson: (about the relationship between her character and Mark Harmon's character on 'NCIS') Well, you'll see subtle things there because this first episode is just laying the groundwork. It's mainly about the case that they're trying to solve. But you see little moments of him holding the door, and his crew notices that. And I also think you see a sense of jealousy in his crew, like, "Who is this lady?" There's a real protective sense from them about him.

    • Susanna Thompson: (about offending people on 'The Book of Daniel') I just personally believe that there's a bigger audience out there than the extremes. And I think that the offending is where the dialogue starts, where at least you can have halfway-decent conversations about what's going on.

    • Susanna Thompson: (about the relationship between her character and Mark Harmon's character on 'NCIS') I'm not sure where they'll take it, or how far they'll take it, but certainly they'll take it a couple steps further. I love the dynamic between the two of them. They don't give each other any slack.

    • Susanna Thompson: (about working on 'NCIS') That crew has worked with each other since JAG. They like working with each other and they're respected for what they do, so it was a great environment to step into. They know how to take care of problems really fast, and the actors are just crack-ups. They're always sort of playing jokes on each other. Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo were doing this whole routine about what the show would be like in its ninth season, just spoofing the show. Those two, boy, when you get them started.... For me, I had to actually remove myself from it, but not all the time. I kept gravitating over towards their military advisor, this really strong ex-Marine. He'd come over and just very subtlety, very gently � but with that strength and power of his stature � just grab my shoulders and just say something little like, "Your arms are swinging a little too much as you go up that hill."

    • Susanna Thompson: (when asked why she is an actor) I'm not sure why I do it. There are different elements in my life that led me to this space. I know that when I'm connected I'm tapping into something in me and giving it back to the world in a really beautiful, honest way. If I'm breaking boundaries or pushing the boundaries of complete honesty, of going deeper with emotion, and doing it honestly, I feel that I've connected and given something to this life of mine. Then I also feel that I'm sharing something with someone.

    • Susanna Thompson: (about what it was like working with Kevin Costner) Terrific. Not only is he talented, but he's very willing to be there and play with you, and help create with you. He's got a great sense of humor.

    • Susanna Thompson: (about her character in 'Dragonfly') This is how I sum her up: I remember this one moment when I was rehearsing when I suddenly realized she's a woman who 'includes.' She just keeps including in her life and thoughts, she doesn't exclude. And I thought to myself what it is like to live in a life where you just allow more and more and more to come into your life. That's how I view her.

    • Susanna Thompson: (about a scene from 'Dragonfly') My favorite scene was cut from the movie, but it's this beautiful stethoscope scene, where Joe and Emily are both lying in bed listening to the baby's heartbeat. It's just beautifully sensual in a beautifully full pregnant state, aesthetically feminine and loving, with two people totally connected. I also loved the scene when he's trying to convince her not to go; it established the fiery part of who she is, so committed to living this life that she's chosen.

    • Susanna: I love the dynamic between Gibbs and Mann. They don't give each other any slack. They're interested in each other on a suppressed level so far.