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    • Susanna Thompson: (about working on 'NCIS') That crew has worked with each other since JAG. They like working with each other and they're respected for what they do, so it was a great environment to step into. They know how to take care of problems really fast, and the actors are just crack-ups. They're always sort of playing jokes on each other. Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo were doing this whole routine about what the show would be like in its ninth season, just spoofing the show. Those two, boy, when you get them started.... For me, I had to actually remove myself from it, but not all the time. I kept gravitating over towards their military advisor, this really strong ex-Marine. He'd come over and just very subtlety, very gently � but with that strength and power of his stature � just grab my shoulders and just say something little like, "Your arms are swinging a little too much as you go up that hill."