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    • Susannah: (on her and Thomas's love child) It's going to be half super human, and half perfect.

    • Susannah: (asked who she thinks is playing the game in the 2007 series of "Big Brother") Emma. I think she's trying to put people off against each other and trying to manipulate people and I think that once she leaves, that little group will just disperse and I think it's about time. I can't believe she got saved so many weeks in a row.

    • Susannah: (on who she'd like to see win the 7th season of "Big Brother") Definitely Travis. I'd like to see Travis win. He's a hard worker, he loves his family, loves his footie, he's so Aussie, he doesn't upset anyone. He's really keen and interested in everybody and I just think that I would be really happy to see him win because he'd do great things with the money.

    • Susannah: (on her low point of being in "Big Brother") Having Emma betray me and act like she was my friend and take me into the diary room to find out about the stupid can of V incident. I felt happy when she took me aside and dragged me into the diary room because I thought she was trying to establish a bond with me. I felt like I could trust her, then when I found out she had taken it I just felt so betrayed.

    • Susannah: (on her high point of being in "Big Brother") I think it was just making some really great friends. I've been quite isolated from my family for some time and I really felt some of these people were like my surrogate family.

    • Susannah: (asked if she was lazy in the "Big Brother" house) Probably a little bit, but to be honest when you're cleaning up after like 13, 15, 17, I can't even count anymore because there's so many people in and out of that place, when you're cleaning up after so many people it's just really intense and you kind of just want to run away. After Alicia's 21st birthday party I had to do all the dishes and I was up for about three hours, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. But this week I pulled my finger out. I think with the whole Bollywood task, where I was an extra, I definitely showed that I could be really positive while doing it.

    • Susannah: I definitely plan on spending a lot of time with Thomas when he gets out of the (Big Brother) house. At the moment he's really, really vulnerable. He's mourning the loss of his failed marriage. While he was in the house he experienced what would have been his fifth wedding anniversary and at the same time he knew that his ex was actually moving overseas with her new partner. He was carrying around his wedding ring for quite some time. He clearly stated to us in the house that he was putting a self-imposed ban on himself for six months not to get into any relationships. What he sort of does is, he's really good friends with girls and then the lines get a bit blurry and before he knows it he finds himself in a relationship and he's not ready for it. He's still getting over his wife. I just had to keep reminding him that I do have a boyfriend.

    • Susannah: I am a princess. I think every girl should indulge their inner-princess and I don't think enough girls do it. I've been given a little bit of a hard time about it but I don't really care. If that's the worst thing that they can say about me — that I'm lazy and that I'm a princess and all that stuff, then I think I got out of it pretty lightly.

    • Susannah: (asked if she was angry with Andrew after he put her up for eviction) Not at all. I was really ready to go. When Andrew came out this week he was sitting next to me when we were nominating and he had to get up and go and speak to Big Brother about who he wanted to swap and I knew it was me, because he couldn't make eye contact with me. For the first couple of days he couldn't even look me in the eye. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling so ready to go. I think I'm a psychic.

    • Susannah: I'm not crazy about what I'm doing as far as a career at the moment. I never saw myself working in finance at all and it doesn't really interest me at all. I'm really passionate about clothing and fashion and celebrities, all that stuff, and who's wearing what, who's doing what, who's doing who. I really liked the fact that the housemates would always come to me and say 'What should I wear today?'

    • Susannah: (asked if she was upset at being evicted from "Big Brother") Yeah I am sad because I'll never get to live with some of those people again but I was ready to go, I was really, really ready to get out there and have a good time with [boyfriend] Murphy and my friends and my family, so yeah, it was good.

    • Susannah: (on breaking up with boyfriend Murphy for fellow HM Thomas) I gave it a good five weeks after I left the House. It was really difficult because when I got out of the House I felt a little disconnected from Murphy. And I thought, 'No, I'll give it a good amount of time,' just to see if I just needed to get used to being back on the outside again. I definitely gave it a good shot but in the end I just decided it was time for us to part ways. The break up with Murphy was never about Thomas or anything like that. The break up was strictly about Murphy and I and it just so happened that I had sort of been spending time with Thomas. Completely separate issues, so I really hope that Murphy doesn't see it as connected in any way at all.

    • Susannah: (on her relationship with fellow housemate, Thomas Haynes) We know each other's temperament and things like that. I know he's not a psycho! [Laughs]. He's just a really caring, easy-going, down-to-earth guy. That's a good thing!

    • Susannah: (on her relationship with fellow housemate, Thomas Haynes) We're just seeing how things go at the moment. Obviously it's early days. We were best friends in the House as you have seen, and that hasn't changed since leaving. We're just taking things slowly and seeing if there is something there. There's definitely something special.

    • Susannah: (on catching up with fellow "Big Brother" housemates) I've caught up with everyone! [Laughs]. Obviously Kate and Nick quite a bit 'cause they're in Melbourne – I've seen Rebecca, TJ… I caught up with Laura and had dinner with her last week. And I obviously see Thomas quite a lot…

    • Thomas Haynes: (on getting together with Susannah after leaving "Big Brother") It's interesting. I know I said going into the House that there was no way I'd find love in the House and Susannah said that she looked forward to going into the House because maybe "the right one" was out there for her and she just hasn't met him. "Maybe he lives in Perth and this will give her the chance to meet him…

    • Thomas Haynes: (on getting together with Susannah after leaving "Big Brother") I'm head over heels for her. I like her so much. She is a wonderful person. We have very, very similar personalities and I could be wrong, but it seems like we were put in the House together to connect. Because we have so much in common and get along so well that it seems like it's a little too well-orchestrated to be an accident.

    • Thomas Haynes: (on getting together with Susannah after leaving "Big Brother") We do have something very special. It was obvious to anyone watching that in the House I was really attracted to her. But I never expected anything would happen. I know that neither of us would have allowed anything to happen in the House because of the relationship she was in. When I got out of the House, we remained good friends but still, there was nothing there. It wasn't until a few weeks ago or whatever it was, unfortunately her and Murphy couldn't make things work…

    • Thomas Haynes: (on getting together with Susannah after leaving "Big Brother") We spent some time together in Perth when she was doing her appearances over here. I basically showed her around and showed her what Perth was like. And then we went to Melbourne and she showed me around a little bit. But yeah… what would you like to know?

    • Susannah: (on who she would like to see win "Big Brother" in 2007) I would really like Aleisha to win and I think she's really deserving of it. It would just be beautiful to see her win. You know how she's just such a giggly, laughy girl? Can you just imagine the look on her face? Her face would light up and I think Australia's hearts would just melt. I would love to see that. I know that she's one of the youngest Housemates but she's got such a good work ethic – she's been working since she was 14 or 15. I don't think she's too young at all – I think she's really switched on. She's really, really onto it and I would love to see her win. And hey, I've always said a girl should win Big Brother. She's not the sort of person who thinks that she is going to win and that's probably half the appeal. I'm sure she's probably thought about winning now she's so close but if she didn't win, she would be just as happy for the winner.

    • Susannah: (on rumours that Travis was lewd in the "Big Brother" house) He was fantastic! He's never said anything inappropriate at all. He was always really, really above board because he loves his wife so much. From the very beginning he was very clear that even a cuddle or anything was completely out of the question. He was like, "My wife is watching. She can't talk to me and be reassured. I'm not even going to go down that path." We all really respected that. To say something like that about Travis is just disgusting really. [People who talk like that…] what are they drinking? The spa water or something?

    • Susannah: (on her FHM photo shoot with Emma) It was really, really good. It was good to see her again and just clear out the cobwebs. I'm not the sort of person who holds grudges. It was good to see her and… bygones, you know? I'm not into having any enemies at all and I don't think she is either and I think this is a time we all really need to stick together and support each other.

    • Susannah: (on Thomas Haynes) There's definitely something special … He's just a really caring, easy-going, down-to-earth guy.

    • Anthony Murphy: (on Susannah leaving him for her fellow "Big Brother" housemate, Thomas) She just said that she had changed and didn't love me any more. She told those guys (in the house) to back off because of me, then she gets out and it was all like a little facade.

    • Susannah: (after being out of the "Big Brother" house for a few weeks) I just couldn't get back to what I had. I just came out and felt a little bit disconnected.

    • Susannah: (asked for something she's always wanted to know, but never figured out) How to apply myself enough to be confident and achieve my dreams. I'm sick of fear and failure – I just have to DO IT!

    • Susannah: (the best piece of advice someone's ever given her) Be true to yourself, even when others shoot you down. This is great advice – girls can be so horrible to each other.

    • Susannah: (on the stupidest thing she's ever done) My ex was working in town and I visited him with my new boyfriend to show off. He took that as a sign to move on. And he did.

    • Susannah: (on the best job she's had) Working in dating agencies. I met so many interesting characters and heard some out-there stories. Plus, I worked with some fabulous women.

    • Susannah: (on her phobia of spiders) Big, black spiders like tarantulas – I feel sick just thinking about them. Huge bodies of water like massive water tanks scare me. I think about being trapped at the bottom.

    • Susannah: (on being in the BB House) I keep waiting for the neighbours to knock on the door and tell us to be quiet.

    • Susannah: I'm definitely not your average 30-year-old. More like 30 going on 21!

    • Susannah: (hoping going on "Big Brother" helps her reconnect with her family) Not being close has made times like Christmas particularly hard. Let's hope they watch the show and like what they see.

    • Susannah: I'm a real contradiction. Caring but fierce.