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    • Susannah: (on who she would like to see win "Big Brother" in 2007) I would really like Aleisha to win and I think she's really deserving of it. It would just be beautiful to see her win. You know how she's just such a giggly, laughy girl? Can you just imagine the look on her face? Her face would light up and I think Australia's hearts would just melt. I would love to see that. I know that she's one of the youngest Housemates but she's got such a good work ethic – she's been working since she was 14 or 15. I don't think she's too young at all – I think she's really switched on. She's really, really onto it and I would love to see her win. And hey, I've always said a girl should win Big Brother. She's not the sort of person who thinks that she is going to win and that's probably half the appeal. I'm sure she's probably thought about winning now she's so close but if she didn't win, she would be just as happy for the winner.