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Susie Garcia

Susie Garcia


4/5/1983, Hialeah, Florida

Birth Name

Susana Garcia


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Susie Garcia is from Miami, FL and is one of the top 20 finalists on So You Think You Can Dance.


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    • (When asked if she had any formal dance training)
      Susie: Yes. I have studied Flamenco, Hip-Hop, Ballet and Latin. I have also trained in Modern and Afro-Caribbean when I attended New World School of the Arts.

    • (When asked if anyone in her family dances professionally)
      Susie: No... but my mom always says that I am living her dream of being a dancer... she never had the chance to do it.

    • (When asked what she would like to be doing in ten years)
      Susie: I would love to see myself choreographing and having my own dance company where the dancers can perform my pieces all over the world.

    • (When asked how boys cope with her being their teacher)
      Susie: It's funny. I always get mixed up with students. I'm like "what are you talking about? I'm a teacher, I'm on my way to teach!"

    • When asked what she as learned from the audition process of So You Think You Can Dance?
      Susie: I have learned that it's not always how high your leg can go but how you work and work with what you have. Personality is a huge part... on and off the stage, staying humble and enjoying every moment as much as possible.

    • When asked what she would like to see as a result of being on So You Think You Can Dance?
      Susie: I believe that we as artists never stop learning and growing... I look forward to growing as a dancer and as a person as a result of this show. I want to inspire other people... that is my dream.

    • When asked what other talent/hobbies she has besides dancing
      Susie: I can play the castanets, which are the instruments used in Flamenco. As a hobby I love making scrapbooks and jewelry, I make funky earrings, necklaces and bracelets with a lot of color and style.

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  • I would've liked to seen more of her on So You Think You Can Dance.

    She seems to be a very successful person, being a dancer for the Miami Heat, a teacher, and someone who made the top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance? I thought she was eliminated way too early, performing a magnificent Waltz and a spicy Salsa. Her solo was also pretty good. She seems to have a very nice personality, and from what we saw in the auditions the judges took a liking to her. However, the one thing she needs to improve on is her eyebrows. Yes, as much as they annoy everyone else, they annoy me a bit too. But still, Susie rox!moreless