Suze Orman





6/5/1951 , Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Susan Orman




In 2002, she had her own talk show called The Suze Orman Show she is also the producer of the talk-show. Suze Orman has also won many awards: In 2004, she was nominated and won a Daytime Award for Oustanding Service Show Host for: The Suze Orman Show. In 2005 and 2006, Ms. Orman won a Gracie Award for Oustanding Program Host for: The Suze Orman Show. That same year of 2006, she won two more Daytime Awards for Outstanding Service Host for: The Suze Orman Show. She has also been mentioned in magazine articles. In 2003, she was mentioned in American magazine The Washington Post TV Magazine in a article called "Suze Orman: Getting Personal About Finance" written by Judith S. Gillies. In the November 2005, she was mentioned 46th issue of American magazine Woman's World on page 22 in an article called "Ask America's Ultimate Experts" written by Suze Orman.