Suzi Perry

Suzi Perry


5/3/1970, Wolverhamton, Shropshire, England

Birth Name

Suzanne Perry



Also Known As

Suzanne Boosten, Suzanne Bullock
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She's 5ft 6.5ins tall.

    • Following her Las Vegas wedding ceremony, rather than having a conventional reception, Suzi, her husband and their friends and families went to see Lance Burton's magic show at the Monte Carlo Casino. During the show, Suzi was picked out by Lance to be invited up on stage with him, where she was then sawed in half in his Audience Dismember illusion.

    • Rather than signing an exclusive deal with a gossip magazine, as other celebrities often do, Suzi was the first celebrity bride to post her wedding pictures on Twitter.

    • On August 6th, 2009, Suzi married her Dutch boyfriend, Bastien Boosten, who she had met while filming The Gadget Show. They married in a 30-minute ceremony in Las Vegas, which was conducted by an Elvis impersonator.

    • In February 2009, Suzi was rushed to hospital after collapsing while filming The Gadget Show. After losing four pints of blood, she received emergency surgery for a ruptured ectopic pregnancy - She was two and a half months pregnant at the time. While she recovered from her surgery, she was temporarily replaced on The Gadget Show by Gail Porter, and did not return to the show until August 2009.

    • In addition to reporting on motorbikes, she also enjoys riding them and has her own bike, a 700cc Ducati.

    • She enjoys scuba diving and horse riding.

    • Her favourite actors include Anthony Hopkins, Russell Crowe and Kevin Spacey.

    • She's a patron of the charity National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD), which provides help and assistance to disabled motorbike riders in the UK.

    • Following her divorce from Steve Bullock, she had a three-year relationship with fellow BBC TV presenter Nick Knowles.

    • She has a brother named Stuart, who has a son named Jack.

    • In 2001, she hosted a motorcycle show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK. While there, she also appeared as a special guest assistant in a horror-themed magic act that formed part of the entertainment at the show. Her part of the magic show was the "Buzz Saw" illusion, in which she was sawed in half by a 36-inch diameter circular saw without any boxes covering her. As the saw sliced through Suzi's exposed waist, blood sprayed out over the audience and Suzi screamed before appearing to faint. Having sawed through Suzi, the magician inserted a metal blade into the cut in her waist to prove that she was now in two pieces, revived her with some smelling salts, and then invited audience members up onto the stage for a closer look. He then removed the blade, covered Suzi's waist with a cloth, made a few "magical gestures" over her, removed the cloth, and helped her up off of the sawing table with no mark on her waist where she had been sawed through.

    • From 1995 to 2002, Suzi was married to fellow model Steve Bullock. They first met in February 1994 on a photoshoot in Tenerife, became engaged ten months later in November 1994, and married on December 6, 1995. In 1996, Suzi gave birth to a daughter,Laurien.

    • In 1999, Suzi moved from Sky to the BBC to present their coverage of motorbike racing.

    • Her favourite musicians include Tom Petty, The Eagles, and Elvis Presley.

    • Suzi's broadcasting career started in 1997, when she began presenting Sky TV's coverage of the World Superbike championship.

    • Having graduated from college, she spent 15 months working in Japan as a model, followed by 18 months modelling in London.

    • Her god-father was former Whitesnake guitarist Mel Galley, who died in 2008.

    • Her parent's names are Tony and Irene, and they live in Wolverhampton.

    • While still at school, she also worked as a lighting technician at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre.

    • After leaving school, she went on to Wolverhampton Polytechnic (now known as the University of Wolverhampton), where she studied business studies and finance.

    • She went to Smestow School in Wolverhampton.

    • She was born in the base hospital at RAF Cosford in Shropshire.

    • Suzi is a soccer fan and supports Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

  • Quotes

    • Suzi: The scariest thing I've ever done? Probably being sawed in half by a magician a few years back when I hosted a motorbike show at the NEC. When I agreed to do it, I thought it would be one of those where they put that little frame over your waist and run a little electric saw through it, which I'd actually done a couple of times before when I was modelling. So I got a huge shock when I got there and he showed me the saw he was going to use - It was a huge three-foot circular saw, and there wouldn't be any boxes or anything over me, so you'd be able to see everything! Laying there on the table feeling the vibration of the saw when he started it up, knowing that in a few seconds it was going to be slicing right through my waist, really was terrifying...

    • Suzi: (On her scariest Gadget Show challenges) I wish I'd said no to jumping off a bridge in Barcelona, when we were testing the Nokia N95 against the iPhone. That was terrifying. But you've got to challenge yourself. Although probably my scariest challenge was when I had to make a pop single, because I can't sing.

    • Suzi: (On her time working as a model in Japan) I made some great friends, had the most fantastic time and did a lot of growing up over there. They'd make me look Japanese, putting on green or blue eye-shadow with pink lipstick, plaits in my hair and short skirts with bobby socks. That was the look everyone wanted. I played the Japanese schoolgirl for a year, but by the end I was sick of it. I did earn some great money, though - enough to buy a flat in London - and it was a good experience.