Sven-Ole Thorsen

Sven-Ole Thorsen


9/24/1944, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Sven-Ole Thorsen


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Thorsen has a background as champion bodybuilder, champion power lifter and karate black belt. This made him suited for stunt man roles in particular. He has made appearances in movies like "Conan the Barbarian", "Predator", "Twins", "Red Heat" and "End of Days"; all of them featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He once served in the Danish army, where he was a weapon's mechanic.

    • Thorsen is an educated machine worker.

    • Thorsen ranked #82 in the "Top 100 Stars at the Box Office of the 1980s" list, and #56 in the "Top 100 Stars at the Box Office of the 1990s" list.

    • Thorsen was a body building judge in the 1980s.

    • He has light blue eyes and gray hair.

    • Thorsen has two children: Michael and Martin.

    • (After being asked what future projects he is working on (as of 2003))
      Sven: I am trying to get a big part in the upcoming film "Alexander The Great", but I just finished a job called "U-boat" with William Macey and in Hungary I'm going to do "King Solomon's Jewels" with Lord of the Ring's Viggo Mortensen. I'm also supposed to do 4 more Coke commercials before the year is over. So work is coming my way still.

    • His strong Danish accent has lead him to be dubbed in several movies, like "Hard Target."

    • Thorsen resides half of the year in Santa Monica, California, and the other half of the year in the small town of Ringsted, Denmark.

    • He speaks four languages; Danish, English, German and Swedish, and some Russian as well.

    • Thorsen is the founder of various federations, including The Danish Bodybuilding Federation.

    • Thorsen has appeared in 15 Arnold Schwarzenegger films; twelve as an actor, three as a stunt man. This makes him Schwarzenegger's most frequent collaborator.

    • Thorsen won the Danish "Verdens Stærkeste Mand" ("Strongest man in the world") competition once; by power lifting 247 kilograms

    • He enjoys creating wooden sculptures on his free time, and he enjoys art in general.

    • He has two dogs; a German Shepherd named Farrell, and a Bull Terrier named Cleo.

    • Thorsen is 1.96 meters tall, and weighs around 120 kilograms.

  • Quotes

    • (about his role as Tigris in "Gladiator")
      Sven: It was one of the toughest jobs I've ever had in my life, because we had every scene choreographed and storyboarded. And there was three and a half weeks of rehearsal, 10 hours a day, with a stunt-double, with Russell Crowe, with the tigers, with a sword, with an axe, with a mask, with a 50 pound uniform... It was very complicated.

    • (after being asked what he thinks of his friend Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming governor)
      Sven: This is very exciting for America, for California and the whole world. For a non-politician coming in with the common sense, and as a business man trying to make California profitable again, and a state of big business... well, he's the man to do it. Especially when you are financially independent, you can hire all the right people. When he goes in for something like this, he goes in 100%!
      I went with him on several of his campaign tours and I am very proud of him. He's going to do extremely well. I think people are in for a surprise. He's not only a poster boy , he's a guy that is committed, he's a guy that can motivate and get people to work harder. People are going to be surprised by his stamina and his work ethics. People are going to be surprised; he sounds funny, he has a funny name, he is a body builder, he's an actor, he's this and that... so I think Arnold is going to be the people's politician and champion. I can not see anyone who would be better Governor for this state. I am fully behind him.