Svetlana Shusterman

Svetlana Shusterman

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  • Svetlana's really hot

    She was on the duel and shes been on the real world key west and she's really hot. She lost in the duel but she was in the finalist with Jodi, Brad, and Wes. I was hoping that she would win this thing but she didn't but she gave it all she can. She was my favorite girl on the duel her and Wes was my favorite people on the duel. She will be on the freshmeat II challenge. Alot of people underestimate her on the challenge but she was 1 out of the 4 finalist, she beat beth and kina and anessa.moreless
  • one of my favorite real world girls.

    she is such a nice, nice girl i just absolutley love her i give her a 10 cause she is an underdog people say that she cant make it but she can, she can do everything no one will bring her down i adore her smile and shes a good competitor and a beautiful woman she should do more of the challenges on the duel she was a true competitor i adore her i wish she could be on all of the challenges if they gave her the chance i wish i could speak with her cause i wanna be a future real worlder shes just wonderful so i give her a big fat ten keep on! your doing great fitz :D .moreless