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Sweeney Young

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    • Sweeney: (on beginning work on "Neighbours") Steve's (Bastoni) given me a lot of great advice. Actually, he pointed out to me that I was puffing up my cheeks before I said each line: I didn't even realise I was doing it!

    • Sweeney: (asked if he was a "Neighbours" fan when growing up) I must admit, I was never an avid viewer, but I saw enough of it over the years to get to know all the characters. When I did watch the show, i always laughed at the antics of Lou and Harold. They have a great comic partnership.

    • Sweeney: (on his character, Riley, on "Neighbours") Riley is very independent, genuine guy who's a tiny bit of a dork - like me, but in a charming way! - and is really comfortable in his own skin. He has a few unresolved issues with his parents and these are really the only source of insecurity in his life, but they manage to keep him from following his true calling.

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