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Sybil Temchen

Sybil Temchen



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Sybil Temtchine
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  • Sybil Temchen has a very slick and powerful way to her.

    First of all, to be all honest, I first noticed her due to her looks. She is just amazingly beautiful. And that is to say it very modestly.

    She has a very powerful way to her. She acts very cool, not in a wanna be cool way, but in a way that she owns the scene. Or I am just struck by her beauty...

    In every show I have seen her I have been impressed with her and hope that she'll pop up in something I actually do watch. So far she's in the best choice right now as nothing is on category.

    Oh yea, could someone please update her data plus add photos.moreless
  • sybil has been appearing in movies since 1996 and her profile just keeps getting hotter.

    i ve followed her career ever since i saw this wonderful actress in amongst friends.

    as her roles have gotten bigger and better - she is now showing off her diversity as an actress. from playing vunerable girls to strong female characters - sybil really can do it all.

    I glad she is now a regular on kojak and hope to see how her character evolves.

    she is sexy , confident and not afraid to to be diverse in her choice of roles.moreless