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    • (On auditioning for TV series Abby) Sydney: I hadn't even thought of auditioning for a sitcom, because I didn't feel that it was a genre I had any talent for whatsoever, but my agent sent me the script and I thought, Wow, this is well developed and witty and intelligent. It wasn't your typical sitcom--you know, setup--punch line--so I went on the audition. I didn't make it at first, so I kind of forgot about it, and I was actually a little bit relieved. I thought, Okay, I tested the waters of the comedy genre, and now I can retreat to my safe drama haven. But about a week later I got a call saying they wanted me back in, and it moved superfast from there. I got the job on Friday, and by the next Friday we'd taped the pilot. It all happened boom-boom-boom. It was crazy--a total baptism by fire.

    • (On her father) Sydney: For an actress, it's priceless having somebody to talk to who's a veteran of the business. And people are naturally curious [about me], because I share the same name with him. I mean, you really can't ignore it. It's funny: I use "Tamiia" [professionally], because the Screen Actors Guild said you can't have two actors with the same exact name.

    • (On her parents) Sydney: They were always supersupportive. But I was encouraged to have some sort of backup plan. They wanted me to be cautious and to know just how difficult it is to have an acting career. So while they were supportive, they were also smart and tried to get me to think things through.

    • Sydney: I've found out that I really, really enjoy comedy. It's got a rhythm all its own. When I did theater in college, I was petrified before I went onstage. But being in front of live audiences has loosened me up. It's been good desensitization for me. Sitcom audiences are different-they're totally on your side.

    • (On her career) Sydney: I've tried to carve out a niche for myself. You know, having a career in this business is very hard to do. It was a little bit easier for me than it would be not having that name sort of pique people's curiosity. I think I got a lot more auditions that way. There were certainly higher expectations placed on me. And people have pre-conceived notions of me before I walk into a room because they're so familiar with my father. So, that actually works against you a little bit. I think having a career at all is very difficult. And because the times are so different now than when my dad had a career, it's inevitable that our careers are going to be very, very different--which is unfortunate. I wish there was material like that around today.

    • (On Kadeem Harrison) Sydney: He's so funny and so sweet. He's such a joy. We have a ball together because he's such a veteran at this. He did it for seven years on `A Different World.' He knows it like the back of his hand. He's always helping me, nudging me when I'm out of my light or when I'm not facing out to the audience. It's so second nature to him. He's a great guy.

    • (On her role on TV series Abby) Sydney: I love the material. Yes, it's a very unusual situation. I thought it was fertile ground for a lot of humor. A lot of things can go wrong and a lot of things are frustrating. A lot of funny things could come out of it. So, I thought there was a lot of potential in Abby's situation.