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  • Rambo's style...

    I have to admit that i don't really like Sly, i hate him as a super-hero-strong man,all muscles, like Rambo or Rocky, the sort of character he so often plays.
    He's, of course, a not so bad actor who can make really different characters. I definitely love him in "Tango & Cash" as in "Oscar" but I think that are not Stallone's style movies...or better is not the cliche we are used to look for to identify him.
    Maybe he should make more "funny" movies instead of "strong-man" ones...probably is too late to change his usual style...and, of course, that's only my opinion.
  • Sylvester Stallone introduces new wellness product line. Be among the first people to sign up to sell the S-Force products. Launch of the products to take place in Oct.

    Sylvester Stallone introduces new wellness product line. Be among the first people to sign up to sell the S-Force products. Launch of the products to take place in Oct. Stallone had the crowd roaring with laughter at a recent appearance as he described some of the challenges in the making of his latest film John Rambo. He humorously described the rigors of running around the Burmese jungle while trying to keep his energy at peak, which is how he discovered one of his new super-food health products, AmlaRush. Bill Lovell, President and CEO of Seriesse International, commented on the addition of S-Force: "In addition to the obvious star power that Mr. Stallone brings to Seriesse, Sly's extensive knowledge of health and nutrition will add a dimension of personal insight and integrity to our growing line of wellness products. The management team and our entire team of Independent Consultants are excited about this quantum leap forward for Seriesse International."
  • A true hero

    Very inspiring, classic, sweet and VERY SMART!!!!
    He's been my hero for 2yrs already and it doesn't get boring!!!!
    He's an amazing guy who's dreams got him far. He NEVER backs down or gives up. He has courage and faith in himself he is truly the hero in all of us!!!!

    SLY ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sly rulz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sylvester Stallone is a talented and my childhood favorite actor he is great in all of his movies except rambo 3 i didnt like that one its a good movie but story line got my angry

    Sly makes great and fun movies to enjoy for the rest of your days i can watch his movies all over again and still love them he is a great actor his newest movies are amazing i havent seen all of them but i will i love the whole military look that he has in movies
  • If he only made on movie in his entire career, "Rocky" would personify this actor to a 'T'.

    10 pun intender with the 'T', as in 'Mr.'...seriously though, the 1976 film "Rocky" has always been my favourite movie of all time. No other picture has ever captured the raw sense of hope, possibilities, and desire as Rocky Balboa and his one-in-a-million shot at the Appolo Creed and the Heavyweight Championship of the World.

    While I enjoy all of the movies from this series, the orignial possesses something that was never duplicated in the subsequent sequals...I cannot specify exactly what it is, but essentially the character of Stallone in this movie was so unique and relatable, is simply spoke more than words can say.

    I'm Canadian, and the ultra American-patriotism of the latter-day films does not connect with me the way it likely has with others...but the fact remains that Stallone, in this, his greatest accomplishment, created an immortal character with whom film-goers worldwide have idolized ever since. A spectacular accomplishment, "Rocky" will forever be the most important (and enjoyable) movie I have ever been privilaged to view.
  • Just Perfect!

    Sly Stallone was born 6th July 1946, his debut came in 1976 when he came to the big screen as the boxing icon 'Rocky Balboa' he continued that role until 1990, Until now. Sylvester Stallone has announced he will begin shooting Rocky VI. Although it was all because of a sudden urge to speak up, he went to an audition for a film, and on the way out he said to the director and producer, "I don't know if it matters but i do a little writing" They were interested, he continued "I'm writing this thing about wrestling and i might do something about Boxing" They were intrigued they said to him well bring them here tomorrow or soon, and we'll see what you've come up with. And he did but they weren't to happy about him being the star of Rocky, But Sly went with his gut and went through with it. And without any doubt i think that was the best decision of his life, because if he hadn't of stopped that day he wouldn't be so incredibly famous and well known. Also in 1982 he exploded onto the screen as an unstoppable war hero named, 'John Rambo' he continued that role until 1988, Maybe not. Sly also announced that after he films Rocky VI he might regain his title as the infamous war hero. Lets just hope his future films will be as great as he is.
  • Sylvester Stallone is the man

    Sylvester Stallone is better known for his movies then his TV show. The reason why most people watch his show is because they know he makes good stuff. Just look a Rocky,2,3,4,and 5, Who wouldn't want to watch a boxing show made by the same guy who wrote and stared in Rocky movies. Plus you have Sylvester Stallone as Rambo, and all the other killer movies he has been in. Sylvester Stallone is one of the best actors on the big screen or on the TV, everything he works with turns to gold. Sylvester Stallone makes the best movies and TV show out of any other actor in hollywood.
  • versatile

    Sly Stallone is one of the most talanted actors of current and past times. He is able to play any part and make it believable. that is the true sign of a great actor. From Rocky to Rambo to The contender he does and excellent job in all he does. He seems to be a down to earth person and truly believes in making and doing the best of his ability to portray what ever character he plays. All his films are edge of the seat films. Even in some of his less popular films he still played his part well. One of the greats.
  • the rise to his fame to no glory

    sylvester enzio stallone was born july6,1946 in new york city. when he was born he had to be pulled out with triceps and damaged his left side of his face. he spent his chilhood under the care of an elderly woman. later in his years he returned with his family. a few years later his parents were divorced,so he decided to live with his neglective father. he casted himself as a bad boy who took risks. a few years with his father the he went to live with his mother and straightend up alot. at the school he went to he was a star football player.after he graduated high school he went to the collage of swizterland on a girls athletic scholarship.while there he stared in a play called the death of a sales man, he liked the feeling. so then he enrolled to the univirsity of miami as a drama major. then he stared in a porn movie called \'\'party at kitty and studds\'\'. he was payed $200.he also stared in a movie titled \'\' the lords of flatbush\'\'.after that he was tired of waiting so he wrote a script titled \'\' ROCKY\'\' he went to an audition for a part. he told the director about his script, the director liked it and soon made the movie real. many actors such as burt reynolds and robert redford wanted to play the staring role with money on the table.even though the price was rising and rising he still wanted to play the staring role. after that many people liked it and it was stallone\'s ticket to fame and glory. he soon starred in many other films and even opened a resturant owend by him and other action stars called \'\' planet hollywood\'\'. now days stallone recived many razzies nomanees and awards. so stallone went from a 0 to hero to just another broke actor. he also has a line of fittness stuff and his own fitness book and a magazine. stallone is still know to many kids and adults. even at 58 he acomplished many things in his sucsessful career.