Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne


10/19/1936, Kansas City, Missouri

Birth Name

Sylvia Celeste Shoemaker


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Starting off as a skeptic herself, Sylvia's psychic abilities have grown since the age of 3, which was when she had her first psychic experience. She told her mother that her grandfather had passed and that her mom would give birth to a little girl in 3 years.…more


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  • She is definitely a shyster.

    Just go to her own website at and notice how it is totally geared towards making sales at every turn.

    No matter what page you click on, whether it is trying to get you to purchase readings for $775+ a pop, or spend money on her books, videos, lectures, hypnosis sessions, show tickets, "spiritual" jewelry, a subscription to her newsletter (which is not free), and anything else of any substance on the website which can't be accessed until you have paid for it, that's all there is, advertisements for her menagerie of dubious services and products that she wants you to buy with cold, hard cash.

    And, most significantly to me, you can't even post anything on her message board without purchasing an "Inner Circle" membership first! It's all just one big online commercial designed to feed her pocketbook by any means possible, and to ensure that no dissenting opinions or bad reviews will ever be aired on her own website.

    So it's obvious to me from that standpoint alone that she does not really care about helping people or having any honest discussions with anyone about her abilities, no matter what she might say to the contrary when she's on TV. The proof is in the pudding. All she actually cares about is getting money, money, and more money, from anyone who can and will fork it over to her. And no one with any truly spiritual gifts or connections with benevolent spirits or gods such as those that she purports to have at her disposal would ever have the need or desire be like that.

    And then she has the nerve to accuse her critics of being materialistic just for being skeptical of her wondrous claims. What a hypocrite! At least James Randi doesn't charge any fees for the privilege of being allowed to make posts on the message board at his website.moreless
  • Yes, the word I used for Sylvia is rebel. She goes against the grain with her con artist scams. Know the truth about her: She is a complete fake. This is coming from someone who was a huge fan of hers and truly believed in her ability. Please read more.moreless

    Everyone who in any way believes Sylvia is a psychic, read this. Sylvia is a liar and a manipulator. Do not believe anything she says on Montel. I stopped watching Montel on Wednesdays in March of '07 because of this website: -- Go to this website to know the full truth about her. Please do not be conned like I was for years. I believed she really could speak to our loved ones who have passed and could see the future. Absolutely NOT. For me this website was hard to read because I believed in her so much. Truth is so much harsher than facades, isn't it? It's very depressing and disappointing. I'm even more disappointed in Montel for keeping her on his show even though he knows she's a fake. She's been screwing with people's heads for years and that's not right. More people need to speak out. So to learn more about, go to stopsylviabrowne.commoreless