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t.A.T.u. was formed on May 31, 1999 by TV advert producer Shapovalov. After holding auditions and first finding Lena Katina, and later Yulia Volkova, he formed the pop duo. Originally the group's major themes were love (specifically lesbian-themed), no war, and rebellion. The name t.A.T.u. is short short…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Richard Carpenter arranged and conducted the string parts on "Gomenasai".

    • In January 2006, t.A.T.u won "Best Pop" and "Best International Group" at the NRJ Radio Awards.

    • In March 2006 on TRL Italy t.A.T.u won best group.

    • t.A.T.u were Russia's contestants in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest.

    • The Russian version of "All the things she said", (Ya soshla S uma), was banned on MTV Russia.

    • Julia and Lena both enjoyed the following hobbies when they were children; figure skating, ballroom dancing and swimming.

    • Lena: t.A.T.u is about saying what you feel, not what others expect. Be in love. Be yourself. We are.

    • Lena: Our producer is a very good psychologist, and that's why he can feel all the feelings that we have.

    • The Russian version of their first album was released in May 2001, but it took a whole year and a half until December 2002 when the English version was released.

    • On the song "Friend or Foe", Sting plays the bass line.

    • In 2003 t.A.T.u won the IFPI Platinum Europe Award which is awarded for at Least 1 Million sales in Europe.

    • In Maxim's Hot 100 in 2003 they were rated 10th.

    • t.A.T.u were nominated for five categories in the Russian MTV Music Awards, Best Group, Best Pop Project, Best Song ("All About Us"), Best Video ("All About Us"), Artist of the Year.

    • t.A.T.u were nominated for Women of the Year by GQ magazine/Russia in July 2006.

    • t.A.T.u ended their contract with Interscope/Universal on August 30th 2006 but the t.A.T.u management said, "t.A.T.u. are not going to end. Everything will go the way it was planned, and in 2007 you'll get a third album."

    • The song "All the things she said" was once the theme song of WWE Diva Victoria.

    • In December 2003 they revealed that they were not lesbians, never were, and never thought about being lesbians and that it was a marketing strategy that their former manager Ivan Shapovalov came up with. Volkova, however, is bisexual.

    • t.A.T.u will release their second album on October 18th. The album has been named "Dangerous and Moving".

  • Quotes

  • They totally rock!!!

    I love TATU!!! I have one of their CDs, "Dangerous and Moving," and it is amazing! I'm serious! That CD is great. Those girls can really sing, and their songs are not only fun to listen to, but their lyrics are so powerful and poetic. Some of my favorite songs are "Sacrifice," "Dangerous and Moving," "Gomenesai," "Friend or Foe," "Loves Me Not," "Perfect Enemy," "We Shout," and of course, "All About Us." In other words, most of the songs on that CD are my favorites. Haha. Well, they do a lot of amazing songs. I let my grandfather listen to their CD and HE likes them as well! I am a huge fan of them.moreless
  • i LOVE TATU!!!

    they are one of my favorite music groups!!! im pretty much obsessed =] yulia volkova is my favorite even tho lena katina is great. i have liek every song on theirs on my computer! uhh i dont wanna write any more so o o o o o oo o o o o o im gonaa wite random la lal ala lala lol lol lol lo l ol ol ol l o lo lo l l ha ha ah ah ah ahh haha aha ahahah aha a t a t umoreless