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  • Check out TC Warner's interview with Pine Valley news http://pinevalleynews.blogspot.com/

    PVN: Are you working on any new projects at this time? TC: New? At the moment I am Producing (writing, shooting, and editing) a Public Service announcement for families in need. The New Mexico Women in Film brought this project to light by helping raise money and assistance in a very large way for families who become homeless. The government and congress help out to an extent, but because of the economy and due to no fault of their own, families are becoming homeless and lost with extremely few places to turn to that will allow for the family to stay together while homeless. Many shelters have places for a night or two, a person or two and Children Youth and Family Services helps place children into foster homes, but families trying to stay together come to few options. In the state of New Mexico, there is one shelter funded by individual contributors called Joy Junction, but it can only house up to 300 people legally and at the moment 120 of those 300 are family units. It's a real issue and I just finished shooting and I am currently editing it together right now with an attempt to use Joy Junction as an example to open more shelters that will allow the family to stay together through becoming homeless… The project is titled, "Homeless; Family First" Click here http://pinevalleynews.blogspot.com/2010/01/pvn-exclusive-20-questions-with-tc.html to read the full interview.