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T. J. Ramini


T. J. Ramini Fan Reviews (3)

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  • I'm obsessed with TJ, I watched him in Heartbreak High, but his best role is as DC Zain Nadir! Very talented and very very sexy!!

    hmmmm.... what to write. TJ is a very talented man, his roles in Daziel and Pascoe, Waking The Dead, HeartBreak High, and of course the big Hollywood Block Buster BATMAN BEGINS?

    hmm but I do prefer him in a suit... DC Zain Nadir is his best role ever. * and he was v good as Adi Mateen (very nice character) * it's nice to see a few different sides to his character Zain, sometimes he's agressive, assertive, vulnerable, soft spoken, and sarcastic.

    I sure do hope he gets his wish to play James Bond in a good few years!! He has a great load of fans to support him, as well as his wonderful girlfriend Annie. I truely hope they are together for ever!