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  • How can you not love the bug guy?

    In his role on Bones, T.J. plays Dr. Jack Hodgins (a.k.a the bug and slime guy.) Hodgins is one of the squints, basically meaning he spends a lot of time in the Jeffersonian lab, assiting with murder cases. His fiancee is Angela Montenegro who also works at the lab. T.J. brings something to his character that makes him loveable and often very hilarious. He displays a wide range of emoitons very well. From being giddy whenever he is with Angela, to anger, and desperation (while he was buried alive.) T.J. has some obvious natural talent for acting and hopefully he will continue to be used to his full potential on Bones.
  • Hodgins is super hawt!

    Born a Yankee but raised in the South....can't get a better mix than that. He has such hypnotic eyes....and love is arrogant but forgiving personality on screen. He is super sexy in a hipster, nerdy way....conservative/liberal....all kinds of opposing beliefs going on in his personality that keep him intriguing. Like NOT loving the name of their baby inspired by Angela's father....Staccato Maumbo? LOL...what's not to love? But he stood his ground for plain old Michael or Catherine. That was a surprise. He's edgie enough to name his child after a bug....and with Angie's blessing. They really have great chemistry.....being kind yet brutally honest at times. It's believable on screen....gotta give them credit for being able to pull that off. No slackers there.
  • he is so good and he played a star in vlidation on you tube check it out he is funny but he is always funny so yeah

    this is just to good to be true i mean he is weird but in a cool way on the show bones i mean a bug and slime scientist but he is really the boss because he donates alot to the jeffersoniaon and he is rich it is just so good but i heard they were cancelling it because of budjet cuts or something but TJ Thyne is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool i wonder how many fans he has if he has 51 3 9 or something like 190000000000000 i really wonder because he is such a good actor i dont think he gets alot of reccoginition
  • Talented, Smart, Funny, Handsome, Childish

    Thyne is an amazing actor, and he has portrayed the role of Dr. Jack Hodgins perfectly. His character is so complex and unique, it would seem that those would be hard shoes to fill, but Thyne pulled it off. Hodgins is talented and well-educated in his field, and he is exceptionally good at his job. Also, he has a bit of a childish, stubborn streak that is down-right adorible, expecially when it comes to his conspiracy theories. Hodgins reminds me a great deal of Special Agent Fox Mulder (The X-Files) and Dr. Gil Grissom (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), while still being unique in his character. T.J. Thyne is definitely a personal favourite of mine.
  • funny sexy smart best on the show loved the superbowl commericial

    i think he is great on bones so sexy and funny i find him very amusing and humorus the heart of the team i thought it was gonna be him not zack sad zacks gone but glad its not him so smart cant wait to see when the get married hope that grave digger comes back so we can see what he does loved when the superbowl commercial aired thought was hilarious so so so so sexi aalways think of him when sexy can i comes on the radio hope that there is one episode dedicated to him love him so much
  • I love Jack Hodgins.

    Now I know the show is called Bones and it centers around Bones (Brennan) and Booth but I love Hodgins. He's a great supporting player and I love that they've fleshed out his character more and more with each passing season. He's a perfect supporting player. He's got the squint skills, the paranoid mentality and the huge intellect which makes him a great match for Brennan (from an intelectual stand point, I'm all for Hodgi/Angela). He's got a quirky way about him and a great sense of humor mixed with just a drop of charm and that makes him a perfect match for Angela. They are a wonderful couple and I love them together, they add the perfect amount of romance to the show. Tj seems very at home in the role and from interviews that I've seen he's really embraced the character and enjoys playing him. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with Hogins as the series progresses.
  • Only ever saw him on Bones, he does a great job and I love the new haircut!

    T.J. Thyne is soooo not cast enough into other shows, the first time I saw him was on Bones, and gotta love the cocky yet sensitive attitude he plays, a personality I could see him having in real life. In the first two seasons of Bones, I daw him as talented but not the most good-looking guy, but the haircut in the third season really did him justice! I watched a couple of interviews he did, and he seems like a really sweet guy that enjoys working in this field. And obviously he's a smart guy, having to say those humongously long words every episode.
  • i luv him in bones he is azome

    he is a azome actor also he is really hot even though he is all nerdy and a super bug guy he still is hot i always wonder how he would look without his facial hair on bones but he is really talented, i lv he role in bones he plays in various tv shows which i havent herd of but its true and i rember once like i seen him without his facail hair on friends he look hot and i anit just saying that, that one saying big things come in small packages its totally true one of the episode of bones he was done showering cause there was a toxien or something and he was packed a full 6 pack it ws showing and everything and he was wet so yeah he is talented and hot wat more can u get
  • Underrated but talented!

    Dr Jack and the actor that portrays him is very talented and adds some comic relief to the show. And is the perfect foil to Bones and Booth. Without him IMHO, the show would be not so good despite great chemistry between the leads. And that hopefully, he will stay on there as he is very important to the show as well.
  • My favorite Dr. Hodgins

    Even though TJ has been in many shows and movies I have only seen him in Bones, but he is just so amazing. He is so cute too. He has his own version of sexy and I love it.

    He is so perfect in Bones and I love him as Dr. Jack Hodgins and I'll always remember him for his part there. I love watching his character and Angela together they are so incredibly adorable. His character and that of Dr. Brennan are amazing together too. TJ's character in Bones is so awesome because he has it all. I love his curly hair and I just plain love him.
  • TJ Thyne is an amazing actor!

    TJ Thyne is an amazing actor, and I am so thrilled that Hart Hanson chose him for the part of Dr. Jack Hodgins. Jack is a wonderfully complex character. He’s a brilliant scientist, a “man of odd enthusiasms,” a conspiracy theorist, and a really fun guy to have around the lab. He's sarcastic, opinionated, and paranoid; yet sensitive, sweet, and romantic. It’s a real testament to TJ’s acting ability that Jack comes across as such a likable and dynamic character. TJ has perfect delivery, impeccable comedic timing, and a range of facial expressions that often speak more powerfully than words – and don’t get me started on his dazzling blue eyes and irresistible curls!.

    As others have said, a lesser actor could have turned the role of Jack Hodgins into a cliché, but TJ brings to life one of the most unique and fascinating characters to hit television in years. It is pure joy to watch him shine in each and every episode.
  • Love Bones, and just saw him on Friends

    I was watching a Friends episode, and I was like, Wait! Is that the guy from Bones? He looks so different. I like him better without facial hair hehe.
    Anyways, I think he is so good on Bones, he is such a loveable nerd. I think my favorite episode is the one where he and Bones are trapped in the car and buried alive. Wow, such a good episode, and such good acting by both him and Emily.
  • T J THYNE - Big Future

    I love this guy! He is such a great character on BONES and he adds so much sparkle to the show. He is extremely talented (the episode where he and Tempe were buried alive was very well done), and I think he has a big future ahead of him. If you have not seen BONES, watch it next week -- you will see how well these people work together to create a believable group of co-workers and friends and an incredible story line.
  • TJ Thyne has been in tons of television [many shows and commercials] and feature film appearances. He's an incredible actor and can do comedy as well as drama. He's currently doing amazing work on Fox's "Bones"!

    I love TJ Thyne! He has these incredible blue eyes and he is an amazing actor. One of his funniest things was being on the Chevy Colorado commercial where he's singing "Man, I feel like a woman" in the back seat while the other guys look at him funny. He was also great in the 100th episode of "Friends" as the young doctor who was going to deliver Phoebe's triplets until she called him "Doogie Howser" and sent him away. He's been in a bunch of movies and is doing a really great job as Dr. Jack Hodgins on "Bones" -- making viewers laugh and cry. He's awesome! Click onto his profile to see how much TV this guy has done - it's mindboggling but I hope he keeps it up because I love seeing him on the tube!
  • Very good actor, and sexy too!

    He has a very unaffected acting style that\'s refreshing, very natural. His character could have ended up being a cliché with a lesser actor in the role. I haven\'t seen him in anything up until \"Bones\", but I hope that if the show doesn\'t stick around (which would be unfortunate, as I like the show as well).

    I don\'t know if it\'s his acting, the character, or his lower lip, but I have recently realized he is one of the sexiest guys on television. This past week\'s episode...the date with Angela...he made some facial expressions that turned my knees to water.
  • So cool seeing him on Bones.

    Personally, I love his character on "Bones". He has his own sense of humor and sarcasm. He's great! I hope that the writers will delve deeper into his character on "Bones", though. I'm stating to forget that he and the other characters are there since the show's mostly focused on Brennan and Booth.
  • I've recently started watching the television show bones. Overall i think it has great potential. The show keeps you in suspense from start to finish. I love how real the skeletal remains look...that is assuming that they are fake, which i really hope the

    I noticed that Dr. Hodgins is played by TJ Thyne , I've seen him in many pictures I absoulutly love him! I think he is so corky and cerismatic.I can really see him turning into an "A list actor" I have a sixth sense for these things. Anyway i just love the show!!!! I hope it keeps on running I'd love to see how it turns out !