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  • Hodgins is super hawt!

    Born a Yankee but raised in the South....can't get a better mix than that. He has such hypnotic eyes....and love is arrogant but forgiving personality on screen. He is super sexy in a hipster, nerdy way....conservative/liberal....all kinds of opposing beliefs going on in his personality that keep him intriguing. Like NOT loving the name of their baby inspired by Angela's father....Staccato Maumbo? LOL...what's not to love? But he stood his ground for plain old Michael or Catherine. That was a surprise. He's edgie enough to name his child after a bug....and with Angie's blessing. They really have great chemistry.....being kind yet brutally honest at times. It's believable on screen....gotta give them credit for being able to pull that off. No slackers there.