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    • T.J.: (On his character Jack Hodgins, on Bones) The character breakdown/description of Dr. Hodgins at the auditions was a guy who always wears shorts and flip-flops, who has glasses that make him look like a bug. I don't know… I just didn't see the character that way at all. I mean he's a doctor in a lab with three advanced degrees in entomology, botany and mineralogy. His occupation alone seems to suggest "dork" but I don't think he is. Jack's a real guy who happens to be a brilliant scientist -- it's just a talent he has, but it doesn't define who he is as a human being. Outside of work, if you were to meet him at a party, you wouldn't know what he did but you'd have a great conversation and think, "I like this guy."
      Jack really loves the hardball science, but he is madly passionate about women. He just is. That's why when he goes into the lab one day and notices Angela, just really notices her, he's hooked.

    • T.J. :(On landing his role on Bones): I was so ecstatic finding out I got this role. I had just finished the network test for Bones, which is the last "audition" you partake in after a long string of auditions for the same role (at the time of auditions, Bones was actually called Brennan, there's a little bit of trivia for ya). I was actually leaving the Fox lot to rush to another network, then to another studio to test for two other shows. I was in my car driving down Olympic Blvd., running my lines for the next character, when the director called me to say "hey, so you got the part of Dr. Jack Hodgins." My heart just jumped out of my body. I literally swerved a bit in my car and had to pull over on the side of the road just to take a breath. I was thrilled. I still am. Of all the parts I was testing for, this role was the one I really wanted to play. I think Hart Hanson has a genius way of writing characters and this character Jack has so much going on, so many layers, it's an actor's dream role… this actor's, at least!

    • TJ: (About how his character Jack Hodgins relates to him) Hodgins loves getting knee-deep in a swamp or going headfirst into a pile of garbage. In real life, I would stay as far away from a melting corpse as possible.