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  • TR Knight... hmm. Handsome, genuine, and real. Since the beginning of his career, I've seen nothing but the purity in his intentions and performance. He's great in Grey's Anatomy, but even more than that, he's great where it really matters... if life....

    TR Knight is a wonderful person... and someone who makes me feel good about being myself. He is a talent actor, but his talent in the film industry is not where his talent begins or ends. He has a talent for life... and an ability to be pure and beautiful in his simplicity. To me, that's his greatest asset. And because he has a honest approach about himself, and about life, I know that I'll always love him... no matter where his road of destiny takes him. Thanks, "Teddy", for reminding me what it is to be a beautiful man... I'm a better person because you are a part of the world...