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  • Awesome Actor. Love her

    Tabrett is an awesome actor. Her recent role includes her as Cara on Legend of the seeker season 2. She adds to the show heaps. She is an amazing, actor and i love her in legend of the seeker. Her serious character in the television series, makes her hilarious to watch. She plays an mordsith who in short words is bad and tries to kill the seeker. However later into the series she becomes good and joins the seeker on his quest. Which lucky for us we get to see more of her. I love to watch Tabrett in her role on legend of the seeker, she is amazing and makes the show even better then it was, which was hard because i love the show, its one of the best. I hope to see her in a lot of other movies, while still filming Legend of the Seeker, she can't leave, her character is to interesting.