Tadhg Kelly

Tadhg Kelly


10/3/1988, Chicago, Illinois

Birth Name

Gaelic Tadhg Kelly



Also Known As

Tadhg of All Trades
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He played Ben on "Unfabulous", but his friends call him "Tadhg of All Trades". Tadhg Kelly, whose real name is Gaelic, says he's actually a lot like his character. Like Ben, he's a workout fanatic, but the Chicago native's first love is the arts. In the first grade,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • There are not many T.V. shows that portray positive characters any longer, It is nice to see that they are still out there. Ben on the Nick show Unfabulous is one of the best we have seen in a long time! Funny and great for kids of all ages!moreless

    We had the good fortune to meet this very nice guy in person. While in our home, he spent his time talking to an older Uncle of ours with no complaints. He sat and listened to war stories and recent health problems with a smile and showed true interest. On his first visit to our home, he had given our 9yr old niece an autograph, but no one in her school believed her. When we told him, he came again, and took a picture together with her on the davenport and signed it again. Most would think that an actor would only like to brag about himself, but we found that to be the complete opposite. He was a very down to Earth and grounded kind of guy, and is welcome in our home anytime! We wish him the very Best in life and all his future undertakings! With Best Wishes,

    The Sandhu Family :)moreless
  • He\'s so awsome!

    Tadhg Kelly is amazing! I\'ve only seen him on Unfabulous, but he\'s really good. (He\'s hot too..I mean, he's tall, he's not fat, and his hair is gorgeous!) It\'s cool how he\'s only 17 but looks like 20 or so. I know that he likes to sing and paint. He plays a lot of sports too (I\'m not sure which kind, but I\'ll guess football cause he\'s muscularly athletic...and maybe basketball cause his hands are humongously huge.) He should definetly get his own show someday!moreless