Tahj Mowry

Tahj Mowry


4/17/1987, Honolulu, Hawaii

Birth Name

Tahj Dayton Mowry



Also Known As

Tahj D. Mowry, Taj Mowry
  • Tahj Mowry on Baby Daddy Season 1.
  • Derek Theler, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, and Tah...
  • The cast of Baby Daddy Season 1.
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He was born in Oahu, Hawaii to Timothy, who is Irish American, and Darlene, who is African American. He is the younger brother of the twin sisters Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry, who are both actresses. Tahj loves to play football and currently lives in California. Both Tahj…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • It was a pleasant surprise seeing him in the movie "Are We Done Yet"...

    It was a pleasant surprise seeing him in the movie "Are We Done Yet" with Ice Cube and Nia Long. I have to admit, I was wondering why his character seemed like a goofball, but when watching an old episode/rerun of Smart Guy and looking him up - I'm not surprised or disappointed in what he (and his sisters) have accomplished.

    I just hope that he gets back into acting with more respective, representative roles to young African-America/Black-Italian male roles. I'm finding a lot of people with this background are blowing up in 2008-2009, and the entertainment industry needs to always be more representative of its surrounding and cultures.moreless
  • He's cute what can i say.

    Okay so i seen him on full house on smart guy and a whole bunch of other shows. Rather with his 2 twin sisters or going solo. He hasn't had a huge role on a movie yet but maybe some day will. He was on a lotta disney stuff like guest starring on suite life and seventeen again or sister sister guest starring. I've notice that he plays smart a lot. He can sing a little bit too he was on a music video for disney channel circle of stars. All my friends think he's cute and he is charming.moreless