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    • Tajja's hair is color brown and is curly.

    • Tajja: "The person whom I look up to the most in terms of the arts and music industry is most definitely "Alicia Keys". I admire her style of singing, and her amazing piano playing makes her such a versatile performer. She constantly amazes me, and she has inspired me to sometimes accompany myself on piano when I sing".

    • Tajja: "The executive producer of "Atomic Betty", "Kevin Gillis", knew of my history as a singer and stage performer and auditioned me to sing the theme song. The theme, which he co-wrote, is an extremely catchy pop/rock tune that I loved right away!"

    • Tajja: "My favorite episode of "Atomic Betty" is entitled "Trouble With Triplets". In the episode, Betty's arch-nemesis Maximus IQ slices a lock of Betty's hair during a duel. Betty doesn't notice, and she wins that fight, but once she defeats Maximus and beams back to earth, she is unaware that he has a piece of her DNA! Maximus uses it to create three evil-tempered "Atomic Betty" clones, and then sends the three of them out to wreak havoc on the galaxy. Betty still doesn't know that there are Clone Bettys 1, 2 and 3 out there, so when she gets accused of committing all of the crimes that the replicas did, she is pretty confused. When she discovers Maximus's plan, she has to go into a head-to-head fight with three versions of ... herself! I really enjoyed recording that episode because I got to do four voices — "Atomic Betty", and the Evil Clone Bettys one through three!"

    • She "wowed" an audience while playing the piano and singing at the same time.

    • Tajja: "My favourite role so far has definitely been "Atomic Betty", because out of all the characters that I have portrayed, she is the character that I can relate to the most. I see several reflections of myself in Betty — we are both smart, a bit bossy, and constantly disappearing to unknown places".

    • Tajja: "As a youngster, I always had a passion for singing and a crazy flair for dramatics, and I first got my opportunity to use it when I met children's entertainers Judy and David. At only six years of age, I sang a solo on one of their first tapes. Eventually, I sang on several of their CDs and even appeared on their interstitial television series. The choreographer of the show saw that I had potential to really 'break in' to the entertainment industry, and she recommended that I audition for the part of 'Young Nala' in the Lion King".

    • She sings the theme song to "Atomic Betty".

    • She is a singer and a songwriter.

    • She is a Canadian actress.

    • She won an award for Best Performance in a Voice-over Role for "Atomic Betty" as Betty.

    • She was a nominee for Best Performance in a Voice-Over Role for "The Berenstain Bears" as Sister Bear.

    • Tajja is the one who put together the "Atomic Betty" soundtrack. She sings lead on most of the songs, and shares a duet with singer "Jason Simmons" on one of the tracks. Rumor has it that she's going to put out a solo-album sometime this year under Warner Bros. Records.

    • Tajja appeared on stage for 11 months as "Young Nala" in Disney's "The Lion King". Her voice can also be heard singing the theme songs of "Atomic Betty","The Save-Ums", "Franny's Feet" and "JoJo's Circus". In addition, the theme song from "Atomic Betty" can be found on a compilation CD put out by Sony and Teletoon Canada called "Toontrax 2".

  • Quotes

    • Tajja: I'm actually not a huge television watcher, but I am a fan of those good old Saturday morning cartoons ... you know, Bugs Bunny & Tweety, etc. I also love to watch Atomic Betty (hee hee!) As I mentioned before, my nine year old brother is totally into anime! His favourite shows are Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh! and One Piece.

    • Tajja: The only live-action program that I'm really interested in is American Idol, and I'm not even a regular watcher. I don't think I've seen the show now for months! Still, I love to watch it occasionally to check up on the contestants, who's getting voted off, and the opinions of the judges (I especially like Simon!)

    • Tajja: Besides the series itself, Atomic Betty is taking me in several different directions. I finished recording a CD of about ten songs that will be released in the fall, and they are all original songs written for the show. Some of them have been featured in episodes, and the whole CD has a very cool pop rock/R&B flavour to it. Also, I just shot a music video for the Atomic Betty theme that is part live action/part cartoon, which was a lot of fun! In addition to Betty, I am working on a number of different cartoon projects that will be released within the next few years. The most major series, entitled Jane and the Dragon, is based on a British book series and will be released in early 2006. I play the knight Jane, and the show is all about the comedic adventures that she encounters with her pet dragon. For this series, I had to put on a British accent, which was a first for me. The show is being animated in CGI (3-D animation) and I'm very excited to see it!

    • Tajja: My advice to any aspiring artist would be to always keep in mind that 'everything happens for a reason.' It's probably the best piece of advice that my parents have ever given me, and although it applies to everything in life, it is especially appropriate for the entertainment industry; if you don't score a specific role or if you don't ace a certain audition, it's okay, it just wasn't meant to be and there will be many other opportunities! Also, you should always remember to have fun. If you ever stop enjoying yourself or if acting starts to seem too much like 'work', then you should give yourself a break and reconsider your options ... is this really something you want to do? Although it is a business, you shouldn't feel bound to it in any way, just enjoy every moment of this wonderful ride!