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    • Tajja: "My favorite episode of "Atomic Betty" is entitled "Trouble With Triplets". In the episode, Betty's arch-nemesis Maximus IQ slices a lock of Betty's hair during a duel. Betty doesn't notice, and she wins that fight, but once she defeats Maximus and beams back to earth, she is unaware that he has a piece of her DNA! Maximus uses it to create three evil-tempered "Atomic Betty" clones, and then sends the three of them out to wreak havoc on the galaxy. Betty still doesn't know that there are Clone Bettys 1, 2 and 3 out there, so when she gets accused of committing all of the crimes that the replicas did, she is pretty confused. When she discovers Maximus's plan, she has to go into a head-to-head fight with three versions of ... herself! I really enjoyed recording that episode because I got to do four voices — "Atomic Betty", and the Evil Clone Bettys one through three!"