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    • Tajja: Besides the series itself, Atomic Betty is taking me in several different directions. I finished recording a CD of about ten songs that will be released in the fall, and they are all original songs written for the show. Some of them have been featured in episodes, and the whole CD has a very cool pop rock/R&B flavour to it. Also, I just shot a music video for the Atomic Betty theme that is part live action/part cartoon, which was a lot of fun! In addition to Betty, I am working on a number of different cartoon projects that will be released within the next few years. The most major series, entitled Jane and the Dragon, is based on a British book series and will be released in early 2006. I play the knight Jane, and the show is all about the comedic adventures that she encounters with her pet dragon. For this series, I had to put on a British accent, which was a first for me. The show is being animated in CGI (3-D animation) and I'm very excited to see it!