Tamar Elhayani




Birth Name




Her parents are from Morocco and they moved to Israel. Tamar was raised in this hard working, "blue collar" family, the second daughter of 7 children. She grew up eating figs, grapes, clementines, and pommegranates, her favorite foods.

Tamar has a big heart and is compassionate for animals and loves farm life. She worked on a kibbutz and went to a college of agriculture. In addition to her agricultural skills, she has teaching skills. She has periodically taught grade school children, most recently at a Hebrew school in New Jersey.

Tamar also maintains a complete physical regimen. She's very athletic, combining conventional exercise with yoga and meditation. She's a great runner and has completed several marathons.

She travelled widely and eventually immigrated to the U.S. with a dream of becoming famous. In 2004, Tamar got married to an artist/carpenter and they now live in the New York area. Their common interests include: organic gardening, nature, art, and acting.

Tamar is currently working on her TV show, as well as a book and several film projects, including a childrens educational program. Her main belief is that we can make this world a better place.